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Internet supply house

digger_2 Member Posts: 39
The plumbing supply wholesaler I use does not carry the Grundfos pumps. Therefore he cannot get me a 'screamin' deal on them. Should I be concerned about ordering them from a certain large internet supply house? Very good deal.


  • EricAune
    EricAune Member Posts: 432
    Service, Parts, Warranty

    How many are you going to install this year?  Why not have your supplier order one in and consider stocking them.  My experience has been to go this route,  the wholesaler should be there to support you.  It is in their best interest to stock the items you want to install.  They can't make a profit on an item they don't sell.

    If you do go the online route consider buying two of the circs. you need.  If you don't have quick access when one goes down then where are you?

    There is great value in having access to local stock, sometimes we pay a little more for it. 
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  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 928
    internet supply

    I work in sales for a P&H wholesaler in Allentown Pa. and we stock and sell Grundfos pumps.

    If your local wholesaler does not want to stock and sell Grundfos you can email me at [email protected]

    We sell a lot of these pumps and they work fine.

    Grundfos also has a large warehouse about a mile from my office if you would need anything special we can pick it up and ship it the same day.

    Thanks Bob
  • Chris S
    Chris S Member Posts: 177
    non stocking wholesaler

    I had the same issue with Wilo,  and I have easy access to at least 6 supply houses.  I contacted the manufacturer, who put me in touch with the local  ( 200 miles away) manufacturers rep.   The rep then told me who he had the ability to sell to, including one of my favorite suppliers.  I have developed a nice relationship with the rep, and they provide us with excellent product support, and training, litereature etc.   Meanwhile my supplier gets to make a sale they would otherwise miss,  and hopefully develop some interest in the line,  or loose that portion of our business when the manufacturer gets a better presence in my area, which I'm sure is inevitable.  I buy the basic pumps in case quantity, the ecm and specialty pumps as needed to keep shipping costs down.  I have confidence that the supplier, and or rep will handle warranty issues if ( as) they arise.  I do not have that confidence in the internet, though I'm sure there are some good internet suppliers out there.  
  • MIke_Jonas
    MIke_Jonas Member Posts: 209
    More importantly..

    Is the internet supply house going to open up for you on a Saturday night, when it's 5 below and your customer doesn't have heat?
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