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Burner/Boiler noise

RyanC Member Posts: 38
When the burner is running on the boiler the view port door makes a lot of racket.  It makes a metallic vibrating noise that can be heard throughout the whole house.  The viewport door is attached by a single screw in the lower right corner.  If I put a little pressue on the door with say my foot while it is running the noise stops (and my shoe starts to smoke, but thats just my own stupidity).  I have tried to tighten the screw but it does not seem to make any difference.  Any ideas on how I might be able to stop the noise?




  • fud215
    fud215 Member Posts: 12
    Easy way to fix

    Put a little bit of furnace cement around the door and this should hold it in place and stop the noise, this is the easy way to fix it. The right way to fix it would be to tighten the screw but what will probably happen it will snap off,then you have to drill and tap a new bolt.
  • RyanC
    RyanC Member Posts: 38
    Will that mess up the door?

    If I put furnace cement around the door will that stop it from opening?  I thought an oil burner tech would need to be able to open it for repairs/cleaning?
  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557

    Has it always rattled? Or is that a new thing? It sounds to me like it may be pulsating and may need service to get the burner running correctly again. In my mind furnace cementing the door shut is like wearing ear plugs so you don't hear the worn out brakes on your car.
  • RyanC
    RyanC Member Posts: 38
    edited January 2010
    No it hasn't always rattled

    The noise started about a year ago.  It started right after the ignitor was replaced.  When they replaced the ignitor the whole "sound" of the burner changed.  The burner was serviced again this fall (before we moved in) and the tech said everything was fine, but we weren't really running the heat at that time and I had forgot about the noise.
  • Coany
    Coany Member Posts: 91
    check the draft

     make sure the sight door rattling isn't just a sign of poor draft by lighting a match  and blowing it out right in front of the door(open a crack), the smoke from the match should get sucked into the fire

    could be  too much air on the fire, easy to do when it gets cleaned in the summer.

     call your service company and ask for an efficiency test
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