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Comment on the panel radiator array, please.

Regardless of the boiler to be used, we know we want to heat using panel radiators, TRV-equipped, and we now think that for efficiency we want to design for them to run at a max water temp of 140 F.

So, given my calcs calling for a heat loss in my large greatroom and adjacent foyer, a total of 24,269 Btu/h at the design temp of -15 F., I came up with an array of Myson 22G double-convector units.  See the image attached here.

Each of the six units is labeled with its output and size. 

The wood stove will be used for supplemental heat and ambience, and even small stoves have pretty big heat outputs, so I think that all the radiators on that side of the room will not give a call for heat when the stove is burning.

How do wood stoves and an array of heaters such as this, all get along?

Given our house design, how does this radiator array look?


  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,700
    edited January 2010

    Under the windows are always good , Where is the North West in respect to the room ? I have some concerns withThe foyer and kitchen ? I would add radiant under the kitchen slab and try to add one to the foyer ..
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • Gene Davis_3
    Gene Davis_3 Member Posts: 51
    Thanks for commenting

    South is to the right.  The big tall wall with all the glass is facing due south.  That makes the foyer at the bottom of the pic, facing west.  You cannot tell by the image, but the glass opening along that W wall is a sliding glass door.

    The kitchen and its adjacent hall and staircase has been discussed in another thread here.  Everything on this main floor is above a conditioned crawlspace, and I was planning to place a small panel radiator in that U of the staircase.  The kitchen is really an "inside" room, and we think that its fridge, plus its human occupants, ought to keep it warm.

    My call for comments here related to the greatroom and foyer, and what seems to be a whole lot of convectors all around, plus what one can expect when using the wood stove.  I figured the heat loss conservatively, or at least a little, but still, using 140 degree water supply to the rads, needed a lot of radiators.

    I guess that is what you get when you have a room with all that outside exposure and glass.
  • R Mannino
    R Mannino Member Posts: 440
    Wood Stove

    With a wood stove and the open floor plan you have you will be able to heat the entire home with it. A good ceiling fan in the room with the stove would be a plus.
  • Gene Davis_3
    Gene Davis_3 Member Posts: 51
    Thanks, but more info, please

    I am still wondering about how houses with wood stoves and boiler heat work.

    That stove will be used for "comfort and ambience," and will not be considered "backup," or "secondary," or anything like that.

    In fall when days are warm but nights get chilly, the owners may burn a short fire in evenings or in early mornings, while cranking down all those TRVs to zero, so that boiler will really be only in use doing DHW in the indirect.

    If the owners are there for a ski week in February, they may use the stove the same way, but then, that boiler will be supplying 140 degree water to the radiators throughout the house, keeping things comfy.

    I'm just wondering if the stove has an adverse affect on the system and its performance.
  • DavidK_2
    DavidK_2 Member Posts: 129
    In theory

    You should not have to adjust the TRV. When the stove is warming the house, the TRV (and thermostat) should shut down the heating system (at least in that room). If you want to use both wood stove and radiators I'd make sure the thermostat was not in the same room as the stove. Otherwise you might get uneven heat (stove room warm, rest of house cold). The TRV should take care of themselves and shutdown heat in room with stove.
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