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Weil McClean 56 Gallon ID to replace 80 gallon????

I am being told by the dealer that my 80 gallon buffer insulated tank run off my boiler coil will easily be able to be replaced by a 56 gallon WM true indirect. I have a 90 gallon jacuzzi and have 4 people in the house and I am not worried about simultaneous use of the tub and other items, but definitely need to be able to fill it with hot water.

Does this seem typical or possible, I just dont want to be disappointed later but dont want to overkill the application either.

Thank yuo



  • bob eckbob eck Posts: 904Member
    domestic hot water

    WM stainless steel indirect water heaters are made by Triangle Tube.

    What WM used to call a 80 gallon model was really a Triangle Tube Smart 60 and WM 60 was a TT smart 50.

    Go to both WM and triangle tube web sites to compare apples to apples.
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