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Need Steam Professional in Begen County NJ Area


There's no local pros listed on the "Find A Professional" spot so I thought I'd ask. 

Can anyone recommend a steam expert that would service Elmwood Park, NJ to assess my 60 year old house and recommend how to stop the water hammering and other odd sounds? 

I've done everything in the Book but I still think I need a pipe to be re-pitched.  I'm not going to bend iron without understanding the consequences.


Bill in Elmwood Pk.


  • sallycj
    sallycj Member Posts: 6
    Call Gateway

    Have you tried www.Gateway Plumbing.com? They are in Orange I believe. They are Dead Men. If they service your area, they're your guys.
  • just used gateway

    just had dave over to the facility.  unfortunately i could not use him on my boiler issues since he does not work on powerflame burners ( commercial ).  did hire him to fix some things that had to be repaired by monday and he sent over two guys within an hour!  highly recommended.
  • pokerbb
    pokerbb Member Posts: 11
    Gateway Was No-Show

    Thanks for the suggestion...I found their name also and when I called to ask if they would come to Elmwood Park, they told me it's out of their service area.

    Doesn't make too much sense because I'm only about 30 mins from the Oranges. 

    Perhaps it was because I asked if they might be able to get rid of the banging and other noises in my steam system...oh well.

    I found a couple of close-by HVAC places in the Yellow Pages that sound like they understand steam from their ads.  I plan to ask pointed questions before I invite them to see the installation.

    Too bad Dan doesn't make house calls...


    --Bill in Elmwood Park
  • pokerbb
    pokerbb Member Posts: 11
    edited January 2010
    May Have Found A Steam Pro??


    Along this same thread, I think I might've found someone based on their Yellow Pages advert.

    Is anybody familiar with or has had dealings with the outfit "Lee R. Kobb, Inc" in Englewood NJ??

    I called today and after requesting a steam expert and describing my situation, their phone answering woman started telling me about possible problems I might be experiencing with water hammer, pipe pitch...she used all the right buzzwords so they may be an expert after all.

    But they charge a nice amount of money per hour for the first housecall and she told me it starts when the truck leaves to come to my house.  Well I told her that's about 30 minutes drive which only leaves me with 30 minutes of visit.  So since the boss was out on call, she's gonna call me later after she discusses with him what a new customer price might be.

    So that makes me a bit uncomfortable about dealing with them.  That's why I'd like to know if they have any reputation in your field of expertise.

    As a second choice, but not contacted yet, is Reiner A/C & Heating in Fair Lawn..does anyone know them as well??


     --Bill in Elmwood Park
  • Find a Pro

    Hi Bill-  Gateway couldn't give you a reference?  I think that would be your best bet for a start.

    You might try Peerless Boiler's website . They have a "Find an installer" section on their website.  You might look there for leads local to you and also find out who the peerless rep. is for the area and contact him and ask him for a recommendation. The peerless site also list their wholesale boiler suppliers so you might contact the whole sale supplier local to you and ask them for a few names.  I've usually found after I call around a bit the  same names keep cropping up and that helps sort out the ones you want to interview. Just a thought.

    - Rod
  • Mike Kusiak_2
    Mike Kusiak_2 Member Posts: 604

    How about contacting Clammy? I believe he is in northern NJ and does nice work wit steam.
  • pokerbb
    pokerbb Member Posts: 11
    Clammy Contact Info?


    Thanks for the suggestion but I can't find Clammy in the Professional Search.

    Would you have a contact number for him?


    Bill in E.P.
  • pokerbb
    pokerbb Member Posts: 11
    Didn't Think To Ask...


    THanks forthe suggestions...I didn't even think to ask Gateway for a suggestion.

    Also I'll check the Peerless sight as you suggest.

    I just got off the phone with the mechanic at Lee R. Kobb and after he told me "insulation on your pipes won't do anything for the banging" I decided to skip their offer to come out and evaluate the system.  Oh well...guess you knowledgeable guys are few and far between..

    Continuing my quest...

    Bill in E.P.
  • Clammy

    Bill- If Clammy is possibly local to you, I'd contact him. He's a really good steam pro.  He's on "Strictly Steam" once in a while but frequents the "Main Board" of the Wall more often. I'd just put "Clammy" in the Post Title and state where you are and a contact number. I wish more of the pros would get listed in the "Find a Professional" as it would be easier to refer them that way. I think a lot has to do with the recession. It costs to get listed and people are really trimming even the smallest costs I have found.  Also good steam pros generally have all the work they can handle so advertising isn't a high priority.

    - Rod
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