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Hot water tank, indirect off boilers coil? Or separate zone off boiler? Which to do

I have a POS Vaugn 80 gallon water tank which lasted an entire 7 years only to find out that the failure took place at a factory weld and slowly ate through the tank. Vaughn would not assist, and now I need to replace it. I was surprised to see that this is just an insualted storage tank.

I am wondering now that it will be replaced, I have been looking at SuperStors which I had good luck with before, over 15 years old and no problems.

Is there a large different from running the hot water as a zone, vs using just a plain storage tank off the boilers hot water coil?

Just not sure if it makes a huge difference, all my zones now run off 3/4" and my exisiting tank is 3/4" pipe so I am not sure what to do here or what choice to ask for. Thank you very much



  • Big Ed_4Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 1,357

    The difference will be recovery ...The smaller the supply pipe the slower the recovery .. It all depends on your hot water needs, flow rate and the output of your boiler...

    Since you already set up for a indirect , I would just pipe another one back in... If you would like to recover faster look for a larger supply model.. Of course it all depends on your boiler output..
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • bob eckbob eck Member Posts: 915
    indirect water heater

    put a indirect water heater in with it on its own zone and wire it priority.

    even though most 40 - 60 gallon indirect water heaters tappings are 3/4" you should run 1" and reduce at the fitting going into the tank.

    I would use a Grundfos UPS1558FC circulator with three speeds and built in check valve and install the pump on the supply side to the indirect water heater.
  • cwilliams2000cwilliams2000 Member Posts: 140

    Thank you. I am trying to get a SuperStor or WM80 installed. I received one estimate that was insane at 3900.00 and am getting a few others since I had received one for around $2200.

    I like the idea about the grundfos though I will ask about that. I also will be getting a new Beckette Aquastat with the integrated heatmanager.
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