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Condensing flue gases

tplazertplazer Posts: 3Member
How does it come about, gas or oil flue gas will condense. I know it happens when it's cold, but condensing furnaces develop water all the time.


  • Tom Blackwell_2Tom Blackwell_2 Posts: 126Member

    A normal by-product of the combustion process is water. At a given temperature the water vapor will condense into liquid water, along with the other constituents of the combustion process. For non-condensing equipment, this situation would destroy the heat exchange surfaces in short order. A lot of research has gone into the design of this equipment to prevent the formation of condensate durng normal operation, both in the equipment and in the flue gas stream to outdoors. Condensing equipment, on the other hand, has been designed with corrosion-resistant materials that allow more of the heat to be removed from the flue gas stream; past the point of condensation. A rather simplistic explanation-hope this helps.
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