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Not just coincidence . So what Is it ?

gerry_6gerry_6 Posts: 33Member
   Every now and then I'll be thinking of a certain customer and boiler  sometimes  I will bring it up in conversation to my boss or maybe a courtesy follow up call to customer  or its just on my mind .    I'm  seeing a pattern this year  it seems within 24 hrs that very customer  will call  and say please come and fix our heat system . 

Its all good you know  like family .

Anybody  else know what I am talking about . Is it happening to you too?

 Gerry Alder


  • synchronicity

    i think it is called synchronicity- events linked together by some unknown force.

    i notice it  sometimes in first hearing of a new word, or term, or person; then i suddenly begin hearing about it again [can't think of a latest example].

    this not the same as my having gone to the wall for the first time, heard about "vaporstat"; and then seen that term again the next time i logged on. but it would have been synchronistic if someone else mentioned "vaporstat" to me from somewhere else. Professor Google has something to say about it as well.

    i like to think that it is a characteristic of high spiritual development! --nbc
  • Mark EathertonMark Eatherton Posts: 5,843Member

    Extra Sensory Perception. Believe it. It's for real.

    We had certain customers who we (as a company) were not allowed to mention or think about... Inherited red headed step children with freckles.

    My mother had the strongest ESP capabilities of anyone I've ever met. I KNEW when she wanted me to call her, and I KNEW when something was wrong.

    Once, when we were kids, when we'd come home from school, she always had a PB&J sandwich and a glass of milk setting out for us. My brother and I got home at the same time. I sat down to devour my sangwidge, and he took one bite of his, drank his glass of milk and decided to stuff the balance of his PBJ into the trash, in an empty milk carton, and bury it in the trash can. He bolted out to play with his friends. Mom was asleep clear on the other side of the house. He no sooner left, and she woke from her PM nap, walked into the kitchen, walked straight over to the trash can, pulled the milk carton out of the trash, opened it up, and said "That little $4!T..."

    She would use it on a regular basis, and I think she passed that gift to the rest of her children and grand chillin. Hard to track, but without a doubt, it works, and it is WAY too much to just be considered "coincidence"...

    I think everyone has it. It's just that some people are more perceptive than others in receiving signals.

    It's not so much a case of "You got what you paid for", as it is a matter of "You DIDN'T get what you DIDN'T pay for, and you're NOT going to get what you thought you were in the way of comfort". Borrowed from Heatboy.
  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Posts: 4,068Member
    For me I call it the plumbers curse.

    I am in the grocery or out to dinner and meet a customer I have not seen in awhile and with in a week they are calling with a plumbing or heating problem. I really think they just notice the problem because they saw me not that the problem occurred because they saw me. Of course I was thinking of one property I no longer do work on and I was thinking I hope they finally got their issues repaired with the new ownership and I picked up the paper to see it up in flames. I guess that answered that question.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

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  • Jean-David BeyerJean-David Beyer Posts: 2,629Member
    I think everyone has it.

    I agree 100%. But it is not just me (who cares about what I think about this, after all?), but many scientists agree as well. For those who really care about it, Dean Radin, a well-respected scientist has worked in this field for quite a few years and has written two books about it. One is called The Conscious Universe that I consider an extremely good overview of the current (and past) research in the field of ESP and related matters. This Amazon link reviews it.
  • bill_105bill_105 Posts: 429Member
    More validation..

    Of those wonderful words of wisdom - "Just because you're paranoid does'nt mean they're not out to get you"
  • Wayco Wayne_2Wayco Wayne_2 Posts: 2,472Member
    I've had things happen

    that make me believe we are all in touch with each other at some level. I've often thought that perhaps we are tied in to a vast human based electro mechanical radio wave grid of which we are all a part. Being aware is a hit or miss endeavor for me. I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to it as the Oversoul. The place where our individuality stops and our collective conciousness begins. I once had a strong premonition about a friend of a friend from back in college. I remember thinking to myself, why am I thinking about him? Later that day I was sitting in traffic and there he was in the car next to me.  How do you explain that? It happens with customers too.
  • gerry_6gerry_6 Posts: 33Member
    hits and miss

    Wow it happened  again on Wednesday see  my phone only holds 50 texts and lately  I been deleting some old texts I kept thinking someday I may be called back there  this one particularly unique job  I deleted  then Thursday  he calls  needing help boiler is down it has F18 error oh it gets better also the Tekmar snow melt  may have a problem. And I don't have time. 

      Right now I must be missin it, out of sync, or not in tune, slow to learn. I think back just a couple of months and I cannot count how many times this connection with thought and reality has happened . why, I don't keep track. I know of dozen just complete obvious times and now that I may be able to see a trend or pattern I am gonna start to keep a notebook for these thoughts to record and I wonder if being connected is happening far more often than I  can account for and notice.

    Oh how valuable a journal would have been . The events and trials from 15 years ago and the journey to the present recorded . So many lessons learned the hard way .

     I think perhaps we all are mysteriously connected in synchronicity or a vast human based electro mechanical radio wave grid . And ESP  may be this thought  should be great if I could learn to  recognize it .

     One reason to keep track is perhaps a lesson I need to learn  for example an F18 error is rare and it doesn't mean what  the manual says I don't get straight answers from tech support  and the F18 usually won't happen when I am at the boiler trouble shooting it cause that would be easy if I can verify the cause and fix it . well  in recent weeks this has been a trend and hopefully lesson learned .Other trends are  T-kjr 4 flash error and Tekmar snow melt controls . it has nothing to do with any manufacturer it is me that is weak and so I have plenty of room to improve. I would like to be more  synchronized and in tune, hitting  more than missing .  


     As for plumbers curse. nope , it maybe the right attitude, not curse. see It can be opportunity    to learn a lesson, and help some one in need then comes the reward    oh yeah fixin heat and hot water sure makes people happy again . Gerry Alder
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