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2-pipe steam radiator question

ansky Member Posts: 41
I had a 2 pipe steam radiator in my dining room that had to be replaced due to a crack that was causing condensate to leak onto the floor.  So the radiator was replaced (it's about 10' long and runs along the base of the wall).  Since installation, the radiator has been making a loud gurgling noise.  I never had that problem with the old radiator.  My heating person is having a hard time figuring out what is causing the problem.  I tried tilting the radiator up about 1 inch to help send the condensate down towards the steam trap at the opposite end.   (It is a Sarco steam trap).  That seemed to help a bit, but the gurgling persists.  My heating person thinks  the steam pressure inside the boiler is getting too

high, and that is forcing the steam into the radiator faster than the

water can escape, which may be causing all the noise. The steam

pressure was getting up over 1psi. He said a residential home does not

need steam pressure over 0.5psi. The problem is the unit on the boiler

that controls the pressure needs to be replaced, because when he

lowered it to 0.5 psi, the boiler continued to run with the pressure at

about 1psi. So they are coming back to replace that part. He said he

didn't want to start messing with the steam trap (at the opposite end

of the radiator) until we see if lowering the pressure helps.  Does this sound like a reasonable explanation or could something else be the culprit?

Also note, the radiator has a steam vent  at the end where the steam trap is (about 8 inches above the steam trap).  The heating person already tried replacing the vent but that did not help.
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