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old patents....

jpf321jpf321 Posts: 1,551Member
As I find interesting old patents, I will post them here...

Gorton Radiator Vent Valve - 1950 issueGorton Radiator Valves - 1955 issueGorton Steam Radiator Valves - 1965 issueHoffman Swivel Tube Connection - 1931 issueImprovements in Steam Radiators - 1877 issueHoffman Valve for Steam Heating Systems - 1904 issueHoffman Automatic Air Valve - 1908 issue

Hoffman Automatic Air Valve - 1918 issue

Hoffman Air Valve Lock - 1928 issue

Hoffman Thermostatic Steam Trap - 1931 issue

Hoffman Faceless Valve - 1935 issue

Hoffman Boiler Return Trap - 1935 issue

Hoffman Steam Trap - issue 1936

Hoffman Thermostatic Relief Valve - issue 1936

Hoffman Adjusting Means for Air Valves

Hoffman Adjustably Vents Air Valve - 1940 issue

If anyone finds other interesting ones, please post .. a great resource is
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1-pipe Homeowner - Queens, NYC

NEW: SlantFin Intrepid TR-30 + Tankless + Riello 40-F5 @ 0.85gph | OLD: Fitzgibbons 402 boiler + Beckett "SR" Oil Gun @ 1.75gph

installed: 0-20oz/si gauge | vaporstat | hour-meter | gortons on all rads | 1pc G#2 + 1pc G#1 on each of 2 mains

Connected EDR load: 371 sf venting load: 2.95cfm vent capacity: 4.62cfm

venting worksheet download | Lost Art Of Steam Heating | my NEW system pics | my OLD system pics | old patents | pipe size chart | Copper Size Chart: K,L,M


  • Big-Al_2Big-Al_2 Posts: 263Member

    I enjoyed those, especially the diagram of the steam radiator with built in "chimneys" to induce air movement.  Very cool idea . . .
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