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What radiators are for

Drying Granddaughter's mittens of course.  First day of snow and they are no longer pristine and dry.  The kitchen rad heats my coffee cup. The bathroon rad heats the TP. Socks and undies on the bedroom rad. A cat on the towel on the board on the living room rad. 

Changed the round stat and set it for two cycles per hour.  What a difference, all the rads are hot. Using more water as some rad vents are not shutting off as early so some more work is needed. Looking for a close source of insulation for mains.

But on this first 30 degree day the mittens are hot and we are not bundled in layers of jackets.


  • DavidK_2
    DavidK_2 Member Posts: 129
    I've always wondered

    if there was a single pipe steam "radiator" that could double as a towel rack/dryer/heater in the bathroom. Ideas?
  • Brian_74
    Brian_74 Member Posts: 237
    I've been thinking of making my own

    I've been thinking the same thing, except for a two-pipe system. I've thought about making sort of a ladder out of 1'' pipe that would be towel rack and radiator. I'd be curious to know if this is a reasonable idea. I was thinking of putting some supports to tie it into the wall.
    1929 Ideal Heating vapor system.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,736
    edited December 2009
    That should work

    I'd use the typical Vapor hookup: supply at the top of one side, return at the bottom of the other side. For one-pipe, I'd pipe the return back into the supply thru a check valve like the Dead Men did.

    Also, I'd use brass piping so it won't rust.
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  • Ex Maine Doug
    Ex Maine Doug Member Posts: 162
    edited December 2009
    In the paper mill

    radiators (not office ones) were often 2 or 3 inch pipe in a horizontal serpentine fashion mounted on the walls. Many feet long. I recall a pipe rad on the steam tug in Baltimore. Maybe I can get a picture on a weekend.

    Here is an idea
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