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A Very Interesting Article by Boiler Pro

Here's is a link to a new article on Steam Heating by Dave "Boiler Pro" Bunnell

<a href="http://www.heatinghelp.com/article/11/Hot-Tech-Tips/1551/Taking-Another-Look-at-Steam-Boiler-Sizing-Methods-by-Dave-Boilerpro-Bunnell">[url=http://www.heatinghelp.com/article/11/Hot-Tech-Tips/1551/Taking-Another-Look-at-Steam-Boiler-Sizing-Methods-by-Dave-Boilerpro-Bunnell]http://www.heatinghelp.com/article/11/Hot-Tech-Tips/1551/Taking-Another-Look-at-Steam-Boiler-Sizing-Methods-by-Dave-Boilerpro-Bunnell</a>

which presents a whole different approach to boiling sizing and venting. I personally found it fascinating and very thought provoking.

- Rod


  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,045
    Yes a very interesting article.

    I'm going to give it a try and see how i like it..Boilerpro's insights are nice to read about as they come from actual experience as opposed to ''engineering methodology''..I'm always willing to learn from others..pushing the envelope of steam knowledge is what its all about.
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  • That's what we're all here for....

    learning and teaching others.  Without the work you and Steve have done, I never would of had the data to see how this methodolgy could work.  I still don't know how far we can take this idea, but I have seen some  greatly underfired steamers (coal conversions) running this way probably for decades economically and comfortably.

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  • jim_72
    jim_72 Member Posts: 77
    edited December 2009
    Good read

    Interesting read but as far a tweaking  over-sized existing boilers (approx 80% of the market) it eventually always comes back to reducing the input  and that creates a HUGE Elephant in the room. You see Pro's like Gerry and Boiler Pro may see a over sized, but healthy ,system for the first time and recognize the benefits and implement  a 10% downsizing.Gerry may even suggest to the HO the beauty of a modulating gas valve which he has done so many times.But as a HO in the New York area I have yet to find a Steam Pro,and I have spoken to many, who would be willing to downfire my boiler 10% . Modulating gas valve you ask? are you kidding! Time and time again I ask why not and the response other then "We just don't do it" is always the same. The elephant in the room LAWSUIT .
  • jpf321
    jpf321 Member Posts: 1,568
    edited December 2009
    so in essence ..

    changing the "minutes to vent" portion of the equations for the rads (to be greater than the mains) would have the above effect..perhaps also reading from the 2oz column rather than the 1oz column since in theory once the mains are vented, the system is pressurizing.

    if you haven't played with my excel venting worksheet, i invite you to download a copy. [url=http://www.ypgmedia.com/heatinghelp/heating_system_calculations.xls]http://www.ypgmedia.com/heatinghelp/heating_system_calculations.xls

    (I have now added Hoffman 1-A recommendations to the sheet along with Gorton)
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