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Would this be beneficial?

Some of the radiators in our 1 pipe steam system in our 32 unit apt building have been removed and capped off over the years for various reasons, would it be beneficial to uncap these lines and install some vents? Most of the removed radiators are on the 3rd (top) floor, so it seems logical to me that installing some gorton #1's on these lines would be beneficial, so as to speed up the air removal. Some of them we would want to install on a 7-8 foot riser to prevent a tripping hazard, as well as protect people from a potential failed vent leaking steam, and strap them to the wall so they couldn't be broken over by vandals.

If it is beneficial, would gorton #1's be more beneficial for these locations, or would hoffman 76's be more ideal, since the 76 wont break and allow air to be sucked back through the steam feed pipes like the gortons will?

I've been busy building 1" manifolds for the main vents on the dry return, got two returns done tonight, got two more to do tomorrow, building them to be expandable via ending with a plugged T, allowing the plug to be removed and another nipple and tee added as we can afford to buy gorton #2's for it. I'm hoping to get 6 #2's and a brass swing valve vacuum breaker on each dry return by the time its all said and done, but since we're going to be starting with one each added every couple months, it'll take awhile.


  • Steamhead
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    Couldn't hurt

    but if you do this, make sure all the risers are vented so they heat up evenly. It may make more sense to drill the pipe near the ceiling below for 1/8" NPT and use Gorton #D vents.This would keep them out of harm's way and you wouldn't have to add any more pipe.

    Like this.
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  • venting capped-off risers

    i am not sure that i understand what would be accomplished by venting an unused riser, on a 1-pipe system. i see that steamhead seems to see the benefit, but i cannot.

    i can certainly see the benefit of venting very tall risers quickly  [but all should be vented at the same rate i would think], so as to get the steam "arriving" at the top level as quickly, as possible, and at the same time all throughout the top floor.--nbc
  • Werewolfx
    Werewolfx Member Posts: 16
    A couple of the vents would be added

    near the end of the last riser, though I hadn't thought of drilling the risers to do that..For example, I live in actually 2 apartments on the top floor, one is an efficiency and the other is a 1 bedroom. There is a single rad in the efficiency, no provision for the kitchen. In the other apt, there is a large rad in the living room, a small rad in the bedroom, and a capped pipe in the kitchen. So, it sounds like I would have to spend some time using trial and error getting the venting balanced out..guess it can't be any worse than the boiler running for an hour to get everything hot enough, long enough, to get most of the apartments warm..
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