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timer control

jtp Member Posts: 5
what is the advantage of operating a system on a timer?....this system has a one hour on one hour off timer...and when its cold...its never enough run time to heat this building....im a firm believer that if its cold let it run..am i wrong?


  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 995
    Timers and timing problems

    Just had another timer problem at a large downtown buiding and another at an apartment block. The downtown buiding is usualy too hot in mild weather and cold in cold weather. The occupants open windows when it is warm and use electric baseboards when cold. The boiler and pipes cool down too much, if there is too much of a time differential. So, now we have a noise problem. We located 27 failed radiator steam traps yesterday and we got two more floors to go.

    The apartment has a noise problem at 4 am. Some guy installed a timer on the boiler that kicks in at 4 am to give heat to the tenants when they wake up. But now they wake up at 4! He also bypassed the Tekmar control.

    First we will repair and replace all defective traps. We will then replace the radiator valves with thermostatic Danfoss valves. We will reduce the operators on the boilers to a max of 2 psi. We will throw out the timers and install a Tekmar steam boiler control. In previous buildings, we have been able to save 35 to 45% of the gas bill as well as a having much happier occupants and owners!
  • timer

    these timers were often installed in a misguided attempt to have longer run times for the system. those longer run times were supposed to compensate for a very unbalanced system, and resulted in higher fuel use as also found in excessive setbacks. the same mentality responsible for the timer, would also dial up the pressure, ensuring a very slow and costly result for a call for heat.

    the tekmar is exactly the right choice in this case. so would making sure the main venting is very ample, and the pressure low. if there is any modulation of the burner available, that would be a savings too, as the piping has a significant radiation load, but once heated up, can be kept warm on low-fire.

    sometimes the lower fuel consumption of a newly renovated system can make the gas company suspicious enough to change the meter!-nbc
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