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monoflo system

i am having a problem with a monoflo system and need advice. the house is a 55 year old story and a half (cape cod). the trunk line is 1" copper with 3/4" branches. all rooms have copper fin tube baseboard. the five baseboard convectors on the first floor heat fine. the supply and return lines are the width of each baseboard. the supply tee is a monoflo tee and the return tee is a standard 1 x 3/4 tee. now here is where the problem starts. there are two bedrooms on the second floor with one baseboard in each bedroom. each baseboard is supplied by a set of 3/4 copper risers from the opposite side of the basement. both sets of risers have a monoflo supply tee and a monoflo return tee ( these are the old style tees with the metal tags on them that say supply and return respectively). neither baseboard gets hot at all. when i bleed each baseboard i get plenty of water, so i know my pressure regulator setting at the standard 12 psi is plenty. this is a new customer. they have lived in the house for 19 years and say they have never had heat in those two bedroom, the use electic space heaters. the other technicians they have used have not been able to correct the problem. would appreciate advice.


  • jhill
    jhill Member Posts: 7
    monoflo t's

    How far apart are the T's serving the upstairs bedrooms? If they are close together the water will force its way through opposed to diverting through the bedroom loops. You can space the tee's farther apart or place a ball valve in between which will allow you to increase the pressure drop between the t's until you get flow to the bedrooms. Monoflow t's work but they don't work miracles. I've seen this many times where two t's twelve inches apart are expected to force water to go on a 100' detour, doesn't work. Could be worse I've had plenty of customers try to claim it worked before I got there after I did a non related repair.
  • Steve_210
    Steve_210 Member Posts: 646

    click on systems at the top of this page, then hot water then diverter tee hot water. this really helped me solve a simallar proublem
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