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injection through base boards.

samm Member Posts: 1
Hi, I was wondering if I could supply a infloor radiant zone through base board convectors?It would be a lot of work to run a line off the primary.

                                   thanks for your input. Sam


  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,084
    I'll Bite

    With a few of questions. That particular baseboard zone you wish to pull from, what is the flow rate and btu ouput it requires to overcome the heatloss at design temp with a 20 degree delta-t? Can you overcome that heat loss for this zone with the installed board on a 30 degree delta-t? How many btu's and gpm do you need to deliver to the radiant zone at design temp based on a 10 degree delta-t? The anwser to these questions will tell you if it is even a hydronic possibility. Anwser these and we can move on to the next problem to overcome.
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