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Tridicators For Supply lines leaving boiler room?

jb_14 Member Posts: 13
I'm having a radiant hydronic system built.  I want to be able to get good temperature and pressure info on all the zones in my boiler room so I can see delta t, relative zone performance, troubleshoot, etc.

What do you guys think of the dual temp/pressure gauges for the supplies and returns as they leave the boiler room/circulator mount wall ?

Also - How do I figure out what Tee to use (just a 3/4x3/4x1/2" brass sweat tee with 1/2" threaded branch?), and what thermo well and stem length for 3/4 supply and return pipes?  Is the thermometer/well supposed to be down into the middle of the 3/4 pipe - 'in the flow'?

thanks for any thoughts.



Boshart Tridicator?

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  • Tridicators For Supply lines leaving boiler room,,

    Boshart handles OK import stuff,, but you only get what you pay-for.

    You must be Canadian(like me), so for more quality & accuracy I look to Winters . They are available through most supply-houses and have a good product.

    I don`t use tridicators except at the boiler,, usually I`m concerned about the D/T temperature so I buy the Winters T174,,,, with a 1/2" NPT well that is protruded into the main-flow at least half the diameter of that piping.

    They are removable from the well(without draining),, quite accurate,,, and easy on the pocketbook.
  • bob_46
    bob_46 Member Posts: 813

    I would use "Pete's" plugs , P/T plugs. Cheaper and more accurate. If you can, install a tee in place of an elbow and put the pete's plug on the run of the tee.
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