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Price Estimate

anton Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

Need to replace an indirect hot water maker that seems to have the inside coil burst. This is an amtrol classic series. Already have the new tank at the house. What do you think would be a reasonable price for the labor in NJ/NY area. I dont see the labor being more then 2-3 hours to replace and solder 3 pipes. 


  • Our "gracious host" asks little of us,,,

    But what he DOES ask is this ;
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 767

    You need to solicit a few bids.  Ask the hourly rate, the estimated time to do the job, and what is included.  New piping, valves, vacumn breaker, etc.  Removal of the old tank, working conditions.  Know what you will be getting for the price.  What looks so quick to you may or may not be so quick.

  • bill_105
    bill_105 Member Posts: 429

    Yea the money thing. But, I would really like to hear some real reasons why Amtrol boilermate fails at such a huge rate. I could go on and on and on about failed units and the people I've heard from. I mean suppliers and homeowners.alike. The latest reason I heard was excess heat through the coil.. One thing about the bottom feeders is the tank can drain when the domestic supply is shut off. So if the boilermate calls for heat the plastic liner gets cooked.

    Just a thought.

    This whole saga has got to be a piece of Amtol's bankruptcy
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