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New boiler in old system

I recently picked up a 'new-to-me" Peerless steam boiler (ECT-3).  The old boiler, which was original to the house, had two separate feeds and  two returns.  What I want to know is should I connect the two feeds with a tee and come out of the top of the boiler with a single feed?  Wouldn't I need to tee them together anyway for my equalizer?



  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,578
    "new to me" boiler

    i would  go to the peerless website, and get the installation instructions, and follow them without deviation. is this 1-pipe steam? the near boiler piping is most important for dry steam. does the rating of the peerless correspond to the total of your radiation?

    i recommend you getting a copy of "the lost art of steam heat" from the shop here, and you will see how some things are more important than others, like not using copper pipe above the waterline.--nbc
  • Boiler Install

    Hi - I have a Peerless (ECT-04) on a single pipe steam system

    A couple of things:

    1. Generally you want to follow the installation diagram  (I&O Manual) carefully.  However I wasn't overall impressed with what information that was provided as it leaves a lot out. It assumes you have experience with steam boiler installations and doesn't provide some of the information you need as an amateur.

    2. As was previously mentioned, you  definitely need to get  "The Lost Art of Steam Heating " as it gives you the design parameters of steam piping systems plus a lot  of other`info on steam heating. It has lots of diagrams of the "dos and don'ts"


    You can also get it in a package with 2 other great steam books in

    "A Steamy Deal"  http://www.heatinghelp.com/products/Super-Deals/14/129/A-Steamy-Deal

    To answer` your question- No, you don't want to tee the "feeds" together. I won't go into why you shouldn't do it as "The Lost Art..." will explain it far better than I could plus a lot more. The other thing that comes to mind is you want to use an 1 1/2 inch equalizer pipe. I believe Peerless calls for 1 1/4 inch. You have to remember that the installation instructions are sometimes for a minimum (to make lowest bid) rather than necessarily the optimum.

    Get the books, they're easy reading, humorous and packed full of information. They will answer all your questions and any questions that come up that you're not sure of, the guys on here will help you.

    - Rod
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    Good Picture of a Peerless

    Here is a great picture of the piping of a Peerless boiler that might be of help to you.

    it is of a ECT-4 which has two riser pipes connected to the boiler where as I believe your unit, an ECT-3 only has one riser pipe.

    Note also the two pipes connecting the header (which is a "dropheader" ) to the main steam pipes above. This is how it should be done rather than using a Bullheaded Tee.

    The excellent installation in the picture was done by Ron Jr. who is one of the Pros on this board.
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