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hello all im a nube to all this so here goes ,,, im building a wood fired low pressure boiler in an outside building my plan is to heat the water pump it to the house with a grunfro circ pump to a large exchanger at the house so here are some of my questions the circ pump claims to flo up to 17 gpm ,,,is that enough? the underground distance is about 50 feet  next question i plan to use 3/4 pex tubing  do the colors of tube make a difference is 3/4 enough it will be in conduit and insulated  next question where can i purchace some registers to run the hot water thru ih the house (a nice wall mount type) thanks for any help 


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    Hopefully you don't need this yet

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    Not a DIY Project

    Hi Pat -

       I'm not quite sure how to reply to your questions other than to try to discourage you from taking on this project. There are some serious safety issues when putting together a boiler system that an amateur is better to leave well alone. You'll put a lot of time and money into something that will end up inefficient and quite possibly dangerous.  This isn't a reflection on your abilities as even a very experienced hydronics specialist I doubt would take on this type of project as there are just too many unknowns.  The companies who are doing this professionally are running into serious problems. Here's a links that you might be interested in:



    If you want to go with wood heating. I'd thoroughly search out a manufacturer  with a proven track record. If it were me I'd look at some of the dual fuel units.I don't know what you have available for fuel but you also might want to look at  modcons which are far more efficent and problem free than using wood. if you want to learn more about hydronic heating (hot water), there are a lot of good books available on this site in the "Store" at the top of this page.

    - Rod
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