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Thermostat wiring

I have an old boiler (original to my 1955 house) it runs on gas. I have 2 thermostats. I installed a Ritetemp programmable thermostat. Once the heat turns on, it never shuts off! I have 3 wires. 1 red/white stripe, 1 blue/white stripe, and 1 solid white. I am assuming it is wired wrong.

Any ideas before I roast this winter?


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    slow roasting

    i would get a honeywell "visionpro" thermostat, set for 1 cycle per hour, and wire it in as per instructions. you can wire in a remote sensor, if you wish to monitor a different area. for night setback do not drop more than a couple of degrees, or you will burn up your gas savings, bringing the house back up to temperature.-nbc
  • Jules4413
    Jules4413 Member Posts: 2
    Honeywell install

    none of my wires were ever labled. Currently I have the red going to RH, blue to W and white to A. Do I just do the same thing when installing the Honeywell?

  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    wiring up a new thermostat

    why not make a note of how the thermostat wires are wired at the boiler and their colors, then you will be able to connect the thermostat correctly.-nbc
  • jacksonpollack
    jacksonpollack Member Posts: 12
    I have had similar problems

    I have had similar problems in the past when I go to switch out old mercury bulb thermostats (which of course work perfectly well, but I wanted a bit more precision or ability to set different times or whatever dumb reason I thought I needed the new widget)

    In one case the new thermostat would fire the furnace once then never again, I think I must have used every available thermostat in the HVAC store and got more advice than I ever wanted about everyone's "go-to" thermostat.

    This has especially been a problem when I go to put on an auto dampener on the flue to close the flue between firing cycles. I think the combination of the flue needing to have power to open and close and it breaking the cycle, the pressurtrol and the low water cut-off did something screwy with the fancy new digital thermostat. Could I have been putting it in wrong, probably my training is exclusively what I read and OJT.

    Long story, short I tend to install a Johnson Control A419. They have the option of a remote sensor, anti-short cycle timer and you can program a cut-in and cut-out temperature, which is a huge plus with steam. Yes, it looks industrial, but works great. i get 120 volt models and just use the controller to open and close the circuit, like an old mercury bulb thermometer would. Works great
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