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DRH Member Posts: 1
i have a one pipe system 2-story upper level and lower that is adding one an addition with about 50ft of fin and tube radiation. homeowner wants a high efficient munchin boiler to operate system. how do i pipe this system into munchin requirement of a primary/secondary. are there piping diagrams available to show how? system is a monoflow hot water system


  • hothead
    hothead Member Posts: 21
    Munchkin caution

    I have 2 Munchkins (Peerliss Pinnacle the same as) in my shop with partially plugged HX and worried about the rest I've installed. They are only 2yrs and 5 yrs of age and warranty does not cover this. The HX tubes are very small. Be sure to use a good strainer and have NO minerals in the water and flush out system with TSP before installation.Compare other mod con designs.
  • I would`nt be too hard on HTP products,,,,

    Awhile back they had issues with their blower-fan, but these have been resolved(that I hear), and the use the same (Italian designed) HX that many other manufacturers have adopted.  They offer great efficiency, at a lower bang for the buck cost,,, properly piped-up, I would not be afraid to use-one at all.

    A flush & clean of the system should be standard anyway, and a wye strainer will only help,,,, have you checked their website for some M/F installation info?

    Good Luck!  :-)
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