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Air vents

I'm having a hard time finding 1/4" angled vents for my radiators. All the vents I'm finding online have an 1/8" inlet or 1/4" straight. Can someone please let me know where I can find them and if there is more than one company that makes them which vent is better.



  • nicholas bonham-carter
    radiator air vents


    try this site. have you tried cleaning the old ones? usually a soak in dishwashing liquid , and a shake  can revive them. this is unfortunately not true for the main air vents which do all the work. i would invest in additional main vents first, and just clean the radiator vents. if you need  to accomodate the 1/4 in, then just use a  1/4 X 1/8 bushing.--nbc
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,832
    I'll second the bushings

    These will let you use standard vents. Brass bushings would be best. Amazingly, you can usually find 1/4"x1/8" brass bushings at Home Despot. Who'da thunk?
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  • 4Barrel
    4Barrel Member Posts: 125
    nbc - - how long

    should a hoffman 1-A last? i've got a bunch i was going to replace, but am thinking of trying your cleaning method. but do they have a lifespan where beyond it, no amount of cleaning will assist? thx! jeff
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    how deep is a well?

    how long is a rope? they are pretty well made, and should last a long time.

    if you can blow through the vents, and they close when steam has arrived, they are good to go.

    i have had some hoffman vents for decades. as i said, they can only vent the riser and radiator, so they really never get subjected to the harsher conditions, in which the main vents operate. the radiator vents must never be expected to function as a substitute for the mains.otherwise,  you will be paying the fuel company extra to remove the air, instead of letting it out  through generous main vents.--nbc
  • 4Barrel
    4Barrel Member Posts: 125
    i have a rope...

    but hopefully i won't be using it, because of all the excellent advice i'm getting here. i get it. light bulb went off when you said "including riser." steamhead set me straight on the main venting, so now i have my venting strategy firmed up. Thx!!
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