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Looking for Someone Certified

Gene_7 Member Posts: 10
I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me out. I have invented a new burner and here is the scenario. We are running my burner and a typical oil burner in the same boiler (we switch them out).

We set the typical burner to the correct pressure for the size nozzle that is in it and check the fuel consumption, by timing the ounces used per minute. We set the CO2 for the burner to their recommendations and then we checked the temp inside the firebox. We let the water run through at a measured amount (GPM). We also check the time it takes for the water to go from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our burner was set up the same way and with the same fuel consumption. We set our CO2 to match the typical burner. We checked the temp in the firebox and it was much hotter. Again, we let the water run through at the same measured amount (GPM). Ours water went from 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit quicker than the typical burner.

Our unit has been tested at Brookhaven and by several engineers. The results were comparable to those above, but because they could not figure out why it was hotter, they would only give results off the efficiency. If we are running the same CO2 for either burner, our efficiency would be the same (within a couple points). They cannot explain why our flame is hotter than the typical burner.

We are not claiming to get more BTU"s out of the fuel, but the way our burner is designed we get a hotter flame, thus more heat. We need someone who will verify that our burner is putting out more heat than the typical burner, <span style="text-decoration:underline;">without</span> going by the efficiency.

We need someone of a higher ranking (like a professor or engineer) who will test our burner and put the results in writing. If you are not open-minded to give us results off of the heat produced or the only way you know how to figure it is off of the efficiency, please do not respond.

Thank you in advance for your help in finding someone.



  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,392

    I hope you're right but unfortunately the physics is going to get in the way.
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