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luci Member Posts: 1
Please tell me how to find radiators at a very affordable price. Mine are leaking


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    Hi Luci -  You might want to tell us whether the radiators you need are for a hotwater or a steam system.   Since radiators are on the heavy side (expensive to ship) you might also mention where you live and maybe someone knows a source close to you. How many do you need?
  • leaking radiators

    maybe the radiator leaks  you now have are not the problem, but the symptom!

    if your system is hot water, then there are various causes for leaking radiators, such as deferred maintainance--also true with steam systems. give us more information, and   all of us here will be glad to help. remember a picture is worth a thousand words!--nbc
  • Big-Al_2
    Big-Al_2 Member Posts: 263
    Ask Around

    Like others have said, there maybe an underlying reason for the leakage that can be fixed without replacing radiators . . . or needs to be fixed before replacing radiators.  More details would be helpful.

    That being said . . .

    I have replaced/changed/added radiators in my old home.  I have found them 4 ways:

    1) Ordered one new from Burnham.  Expensive!

    2) Looked on ebay.  There were some listed about 30 miles from home . . . once . . . in two years of casual looking . . . but a family emergency stopped me from getting them before they were gone.

    3) Called around to plumbers.  Through my work and church affiliations, I know a couple of local plumbing outfits pretty well.  They both had a couple of old take-outs in their inventory they were willing to part with reasonably cheaply.  One was leftover from a job and was even already sandblasted and primed.  The other had been stored outside and looked pretty rough.

    4) Craigslist.  I advertised for radiators wanted a couple of times with good results.  People convert to forced air and are so happy that somebody is willing to come and get some of their old radiators that they part with them cheap.

    Buying used radiators has some pitfalls.

    1) They can be very heavy and difficult to load/unload and transport.

    2) They tend to be old and covered in rust and/or layers of (possibly lead) paint that needs to be dealt with.  Sandblasting and painting can be time consuming and costly.  They can be pretty dirty inside too.

    3)  The old pipe fittings are probably the wrong size and generally rusted tight.  Dealing with this can be a pain.

    4) Unless you are buying ones that have been pressure tested, there is no guarantee that the replacement units don't leak.  If the price is right, it might be worth a gamble.
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