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Boiler Replacement Q's



  • 4Barrel
    4Barrel Member Posts: 125
    i should have enough room...

    for the gortons on the dry returns, 15" min from the drip connection. taking steamhead's advice, i am separating the main returns for each steam main, and re-working some piping such that each main return serves just that main (there was some minor cross-over that is easily fixed). so now the vent for each main serves just that main.

    i do have a question though, that i hope steamhead can advise: the existing drip connection is a 1.5". the present single return goes from 1" to 1.5" at the union where the present vent is located - see the pic posted at the beginning of this thread). when i add the new drip connection, thereby separating the returns for each main, what size should i make this new drip connection? my concern is that if i make it he same size the the existing, a greater volume of water will be required to stack in these both connections to insure that water slips back into the boiler. btw, the new return will be at the same height as the existing, thereby maintaining a consistent "A" dimension, which is 52 "

    should i not worry about this, make it the same size, and just let the system pile up enough water? or should I downsize both the drip connections to 1" each before the tie into the wet return? i guess if i keep them both 1.5, i won't have to worry about water ever backing up into the dry returns ;)
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