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Iron filter (OT)

realolman Member Posts: 513
I hope Dan will forgive me this off topic post.  I know there is a lot of expertise here, and I'd like to take advantage of it.

I have been using a Terminator 1.5 cu ft. air injector iron filter for many years and another brand for many years before that.  For the most part they have worked amazingly well, but lately not so much, and I've been thinking about replacing it. 

 My well water has a LOT of iron and rust ,

  I don't think it has any sulphur smell as the terminator is vented into the basement and I haven't smelled anything

Does anyone have any experience / opinions about the <strong><em>filox</em> </strong>iron filters?  Or any other iron filters?

thanks so much


  • The make I sell/service

    must have a PH adjuster to keep the media working properly. A portion of this "PH Adder" (calcite) is contained within the initial multi-blend media when you first installed-it,,, but is depleted as sacrificial over time and must be replenished. PH adder can be purchased separately and easily added.

    Check your O/I manual, I`m sure it will mention this. :-) 
  • Rich Kontny_3
    Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562
    edited September 2009

    We use Hellenbrand's "Iron Curtain" with great results and I believe they  had one of the first .  We put one ahead of our softeners when we run into iron problems. Other manufacturers have copied Hellenbrand.


    Rich Kontny
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