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New Home / Old Boiler-Burner

NShak Member Posts: 38
A friend bought a "new home" that has a Burnham RS-111 boiler-burner. 

We've learned that it has a tankless coil heating element for the

house's hot water.  We're not clear on how the steam heat works-

radiators throughout the house are 2-pipe.  I'm assuming this is steam;

could it actually be hot water heated radiators?  It also has an

expansion tank which we're not clear how that works either.  Can

anybody help us figure out how this kind of system works?  Thanks in



  • Steve_152
    Steve_152 Member Posts: 26
    edited September 2009
    is not steam/ / is gravity or forced hot water

    expansion  tank is   place for your  heating water to  expand  all things expand when  heated..///   the tankless coil  heats  domestic water   as needed as used....  it should have a  flow restrictor  & good quality    anti-scald  rated  mixing/tempering valve  in the  piping.
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    Does your boiler have a circulator if yes then its hot water.It seems you never had oil heat(or ur friend) may be a good idea to have a tech from your local oil co. come over for a tune-up and ask lots of questions.
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