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ECR DX geothermal heat pumps

I have a customer that has one of these systems in place. The system has what is supposed to be a conical vertical bore configuration for the ground loop. bore at a 30 deg angle from a central point down to 100' 6 each loops for 6 Ton system.  5 Ton ADP AHU with ECM blower set to high speed. ECR 6 Ton DX heat pump both ways. This system has gone through 6 compressors in 4 years. My firm was called in to verify cfm across the AHU for the home owner. The home owner had a new geothermal heat pump installed in March of 08 and the comp died of short to ground in the windings. There is no acid in the system that we can dectect. The cfm of the AHU says that it should cary the geo heat pump. The HO is a contractor and this is his personal house. Not being involved in the instalation of the system all I have to go on is the HO information. The installing contractor has left the busines, and I hope to be able to help him with his system. Any thing I should be looking for in the instalation of the system? The system did lose a loop that had to be replace due to a bad braised joint on start up. Thank you for any input on this question. Sincerley Matt Rossi  
Matt Rossi


  • Tom Blackwell_2
    Tom Blackwell_2 Member Posts: 126
    System clean up

    Sounds like there is residual moisture in the system. I have seen this problem before on packaged chillers where there was a tube leak and the system became contaminated with water. The fix is to recover the refrigerant and do a triple evacuation using dry nitrogen to break the vacuum. The last evacuation should hold 250 microns or less vacuum with no rise in an hour. The problem is that the oil in the system will hold the moisture in an emuslion and it is very difficult to boil it out. We used to use R-11 to wash out such a system to remove the oil and contaminants, but now that is politically incorrect. Have had some success using denatured alcohol, and blowing it through with nitrogen. Last, but not least install a replaceable core suction dryer and use carbon cores. Keep us posted with your progress.
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