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EdenPURE portable heater

I posted this at Facebook today:

Hey HVAC contractors! Have you seen the latest full-page ad for the EdenPURE portable heater in USA Weekend? It might be time for a 'counter-ad.' Problem is, a full-page four-color ad costs $652,010. Can we get 6,500 HVAC contractors to don...ate $100 each? Or maybe 3,250 to donate $200 each, etc.? I'll donate ad production. Maybe the campaign to raise money will get exposure too. Comments?
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  • John R. Hall_2
    John R. Hall_2 Member Posts: 24
    NOT made in USA

    I just heard back from EdenPURE and learned -- of course -- that the product is made in China. Geesh.
    Communications Specialist & Freelance Writer
  • TonyS
    TonyS Member Posts: 849
    But Bob Vila said

    it can cut your fuel bills by 50 %, so it has to be true  LOL.  We could start marketing our own heater called the INLAWHEATER save 100% on your fuel bills. you just turn your heater off and move in with your in-laws. The sad part is this winter you might see more people huddled around a electric heater.
  • Leo_G
    Leo_G Member Posts: 89
    edited September 2009

    if the people really want a portable electric heater, and who doesn't, I have 2 at home, oil filled rad style! then they should stick to the Amish one, as at least there, you are only paying for the fireplace style mantle, and not the heater itself! Plus it keeps their horses in hay, and I know that is a good thing! My wife having 2 horses.

    Add in the latest Discover mag.

    Leo G
  • ttekushan_3
    ttekushan_3 Member Posts: 958
    watts is watts

    I get questioned on this frequently by clients with older uninsulated homes. The answer: Watts/hour x 3.412 = BTUs/hour. Period. For my money, I, like many of you use an oil filled radiator type. I use it to take the chill off a few cool spots when the temps hit arctic lows.

    Funny story (to me anyway)-- a friend of mine bought one of those E.P. units and ran it in his living room w/in 10' of the thermostat. Of course, the rest of the place went cool and the CONDENSING BOILER (TT prestige 110) would make up the difference when the E.P. was shut off. Later, he told me that his reasoning was that a) gas is sooo expensive and b) he believed that it would save him 50% on his heating bill.

    No one told him that in our area electric heating is still way more expensive than gas.

    End result- the gas bill went down so little as to be insignificant but his electric bill nearly tripled!

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