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Parting out my system...DIY or bring someone in?

DR Member Posts: 1
Hello all…been a while.

Sadly (in some respects), I mothballed the steam system in my '20's beast (5500 sq ft) in early 2008 and moved on to a highly efficient heat pump system. I devoted lots of time from when I bought the house through the winter of 2007 learning my two pipe, 400,000 btu, 42 rad monstrosity…and am happy to say it was a good 3 years. But fuel prices, maintenance costs (not a single trap had been replaced in over 25 years…and I had a broken subterranean steam line going to a detached structure sucking groundwater when the system went into vacuum) and my lack of AC prompted a change in how we heat.

So as sad as I am to say goodbye to my M&M 150 (we spent good time together every week) and the rest of the jewels surrounding my boiler, I need to get rid of them. My question is this: How best to get rid of the boiler? Anybody think a contractor be willing to come in and scavenge the good burner (2 actually), the LWCO, pressuretrol, feed tank/pump…hell, the whole boiler (1995 WM)…in exchange for breaking it all free of my basement? Or would I do better to part it out myself and then hire a hauler? I think the boiler is in good shape, though the constant influx of fresh water from the broken line may have corroded the sections…

What would you do?


  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,269
    I think

    I think if you bring it all to the scrapyard they'll give you 6 cents/lb.You might find somebody on Craigslist or Ebay to give you a few bucks for some parts,but by and large,it's just junk
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  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,322
    You'll get tired of those heat pumps

    so don't trash the Vapor system. 
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