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Need advice on Electronic Ignition vs Continuous Pilot for a steam boiler

I need some collective wisdom from the Wall in choosing a steam boiler.

We're replacing an ancient oil-fired steam boiler that originally took coal.  In an effort to reclaim some basement space (there are TWO oil tanks down there!), eliminate the oil smell and take advantage of the discount boiler offer from NationalGrid, we decided to switch over to gas.  We already have gas service as well for an old water heater, which we will also be replacing with a good-sized SuperStor indirect tank run off the new gas boiler.

However, we've just learned that NationalGrid does not offer the size boiler we need (Independence IN8) with electronic ignition.  If I want to get the boiler from NationalGrid, I have to take it with a continuous pilot.  Having grown up in a house with a pilot light forced air furnace and remembering the fun when the pilot light went out (open all the windows, run to the neighbor's house, etc.), I am really not thrilled about putting in a new boiler with a pilot light.  Also, since I can't just shut the thing off during the summer (since the boiler will be supporting the indirect HW tank), it seems wasteful to have a pilot running year-round.

So my options appear to be: (1) suck it up and take the boiler with the pilot light, (2) buy the IN8 from someplace else and pay a lot more (don't know how much but NG was going to charge $1500 for the pilot light version), or (3) stick with oil and go with something like the MegaSteam, which I understand is supposed to be a <a href="mailto:kick-@ss">kick-&ss boiler.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!



  • TonyS
    TonyS Member Posts: 849
    Modern gas valves

    will automatically close when the pilot goes out Craig. Its been that way for quite some time now, that must have been a really old furnace. The pilot doesn't use that much energy. It will never be enough to off set the discount your getting, maybe 5 to 10 dollars a year if that.
  • I agree,,

    be sure it`s sized properly and stay with the pilot.
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