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Steam Radiator Valve

Eric_50 Member Posts: 2
Thanks for the responce and suggestion, but I have tried that already, using liquid wrench penetrating oil and tapping upward with a hammer (it does not appear to be heavily corroded-thin normal surface rust only on the stem). For a valve at this age, quite good condition, externally and internally from what I can see. I did't want to do any damage because I thought this rectangular plate might have been a tapped threaded connection on the stem. I even tried with attempting using the hammer to turn it off it's thread in both directions in order to loosen and it still would not budge. I gave up thinking I might damage the seal. Perhaps heating it would help, I haven't tried, but I am not sure whether I would create internal damage to the valve or seal beyond steam temperatures?


  • Eric_50
    Eric_50 Member Posts: 2
    Steam Radiator Valve

    I have a one pipe steam system with Republic Radiator Co. radiators attached to a 1 inch riser through the steam radiator valve. From describing the valve to several sources with my attempt to track down the manufacturer, the valve body has a B inside an oval circle. Someone thought it was a Burnham valve and another source said they didn’t make valves and they thought it might be a Broomell or Brownel valve. I’m still not sure, let me know? The valve I have is still functional and I’m looking for a handle that has deteriorated as I shut the valve off in order to remove the radiator. I did buy an adapter replacement handle but it will not work because the 1/8” threaded stem is only ¼” long and not long enough for the replacement adaptor. I can’t seem to remove the 3/4” x 1 ¼” x 1/8” rectangular plate that is on the stem which recessed into the underside of the original handle and then attached with a spring around a female threaded fastener at the center of the round handle using a scewdriver. Does anyone have a spare handle or know where I can purchase one?
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    That valve

    was made by Ohio Brass. The "oval circle" is the letter O.

    Just tap the rectangular plate gently upwards and it should come loose. Try some penetrating oil if it's stubborn. Then you should have enough stem for the replacement handle to work.


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  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177

    TRY a faucet handle puller [ slap hammer ]
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,510
    valve handle replacement

    can you undo the valve bonnet, and unscrew the stem for putting it in a vice to remove this piece?

    don't bother with a handle on the stem as you do not want anyone to be tempted to turn it on again ever, after you have removed the radiator. be aware that your boiler will be oversized, and pay attention to maintaining the low pressure of a few ounces these systems like.--nbc
  • Ken Sappio
    Ken Sappio Member Posts: 16
    Try PB Blaster...

    I am amazed at how good it works.

    It has loosened rusted muffler clamps that normaly would have to be burned off.
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