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Radiant Cool Pics

Your welcome Singh.

Today ODT ~88/humid. Indoor air temp 71* vs 69.2* floor surface temp (same thermometer) which means the floors have been running. I have it set to lower the indoor temp by 1* at 10 pm till 7:30 am to force the system to do the bulk of the cooling during the overnight when ODT is lowest. I suspect that is when the floors have been coming in. Humidity indoors was up so I lowered water temp 2* and it began to drop nicely. T'sat is set so dehumidify should stop when indoor temp drops below 70*. So far condensation has been a non issue. Overall the system works GREAT!


  • Here they are...

    Some old some new for comparison. Biggest issue so far is with the weather being cold and humid it wants to overcool while it's trying to dehumidify. Also, the floors reall haven't kicked in on their own as far as I know. I'm adjusting the water temp up slowly to see if that won't solve the problem. Bldg 2 is not complete. Building one is where readings are taken. 88.8 is ODT in the shade that day.
  • A few more...

    Eco1 to Pumps2 in building #2. AH2 in previous pics is in bldg #2. I insulated the pumps by taking everybody's favorite FBF, cutting it to a favorable shape and carefully injecting the foam sealant stuff between it and the pump body before zip tying and taping it up. I plan to seal the ends with foam tape. Works fine. I stopped where the body flange meets the motor flange so changeout should not be an issue. I found from the first CW job that it's best to pull the valve handles and wrap the valves completely or the handles will sweat. I wrapped the valve body first with FBF and zip ties and then overwrapped with foam tape so getting at the stem will not be a gooey mess if I ever have to operate the vales for anything. Not a drip anywhere and that stuff is exposed to ambient in a shed out in back of bldg 1.

    Duct in control room to be connected to ceiling tiles with attentuator tube. Duct in live room to be left as is, no ceiling. I circled where I simply used the takeoffs as outlets blowing straight at the floor around the perimeter. The duct system is twice the size it needs to be, I've got it on low speed and it is damped way down so the air just poofs out of there with absolutely no noise. I'm dumping the excess pressure into another 6" branch that feeds the office area. It works realllly good. ;-)

    In building 2 the second branch dumps to the the second floor.

  • Awesome thread, thanks for sharing MPF
  • Anybody,,,

    in the area of Hartford CT can come and take a look, just email me and we'll set it up.
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