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if you want control over the modulation in the same unit, that's about it.

what is it you are trying to do remotely?


  • Mike Kraft_2
    Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398
    PC.........or only mini mac/apple

    Hey........anyone know of a pc(windows)freindly interface from remote location with GB142....or is the gateway it?

  • Mike Kraft_2
    Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398

    sorry for vagueness.........homeowner would like to be able to setback and forward temperatures in a multi zone radiant heating system from remote location.preferably from a pc at other locations geographiclly.


  • well, the gateway allows that: the only thing that has to be a mac is the server at the house, you can log on to it with any web browser from any computer.

    But if all they want to do is change temperature remotely, there might be something from smarthome, try this: thermostat

    that's just a search for "internet thermostat" over there. I've never used any of it, but it might do the job if you don't need super fancy hydronic controls. though by the time you do a lot of zones, you may find tekmar to be cost effective..
  • L'town radiant
    L'town radiant Member Posts: 36

    remote adjustments are by way of a web site portal, so mac/pc/cell phone...however you access the internet will work. Only the gateway needs to be a mac.
  • scott markle_2
    scott markle_2 Member Posts: 611

    I'd contact a honeywell, they may have something. The AQ2000 zone controls are very Tekmar like, there may be an internet interface available.
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