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Insufficient Hot Water

Wilsonk Member Posts: 1
I have an oil powered boiler with a bock indirect hot water heater. It was installed Dec 2005. It was providing plenty of hot water than all of a sudden it is not. The only thing that occurred was I had my annual maintenance done and a leaking pressure relief valve on the boiler system replaced. The oil guy did say it sounded like I had some air trapped in the system that was knocking and he couldn't get it all out. At this point we did not notice a hot water problem, it wasn't until a week or two later. It is only noticeable when there is a significant demand. I have turned up the temperature on the hot water tank. It has made the water hotter so it does last a bit longer but I still don't have the same supply I used to enjoy. The recovery also is really slow. What do you think I am dealing with?


  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177
    check & inspect

    WHAT you are dealing with is you need a qualified mechanic to check & inspect your system. could be just a minor adjustment was overlooked or incorrectly set. not all servicemen are equal.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    water temps

    Those coils generally don't get air-bound. They are top fed. Wouldn't hurt to check hivent if it has one, but he could have easily lowered the limits on the main aquastat on the boiler. This will cause a recovery problem. Could have been an honest mistake, but if they can't solve it, perhaps they are lacking knowledge in other areas as well. peace
  • bruce_21
    bruce_21 Member Posts: 241

    Do you have hard water? You may have a problem with scale on the domestic side of the coil insulating and cutting the heat transfer rate.
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