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Radiant Cooling

Justin Topel
Justin Topel Member Posts: 65
have any suggestions for a heat loss program that also does radiant cooling figures? I thought Wrightsoft was working on something like that, but I could be wrong. I think I even saw some program that came from Rehau that was I believe in the 6K range. I haven't quite found that much change floating around the truck yet. And has anyone had much experience with using radiant cooling? I took a class on it, but it seems that everyone is scared to try it out. Thanks for the suggestions.

Mister T


  • I'm Not Scared

    I almost ran my radiant cooling yesterday, it's like radiant heating, you can't wait to run it. Mister T, I pity the fool that messes with my radiant cooling. It works great.

    Thanks, Bob Gagnon

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  • Justin Topel
    Justin Topel Member Posts: 65
    Thats great...

    I talked with several people from Europe and Canada who said that they love it as well. They don't see what the big deal is, but they also acknowledge that we are very eager to sue for every possible reason here. It is very sad because it can limit a lot of technology that could come here from other countries. I am anxious to try it on my own house when I get a chance, but I still have not found a source for a heat loss program for radiant cooling, but I will keep searching. Bob, I'll catch you later in the season to see how your system is performing. Thanks.

    Mister T
  • Kudos to Bob,

    on his radiant cooling experience. I think he mentioned before he used pumped well water with great results.Well water has a somewhat stable temperature.
    I`m in Ontario, Canada and have a municipal supply pumped from the St. Lawrence Seaway so (depending on the month), the raw water temp varies greatly,, so be very careful of condensation/humidity issues from your water supply temps to your atmospheric humidity level.
    Getting permission to drill a water-well in a municipality for this purpose can be a nightmare.

  • Can't wait to start it is RIGHT!!

    Pretty soon, pretty soon!! Let me tell you briefly how I sized it. Very easy. I sized the radiant part for heat and my AH is capable of doing the entire cool job by itself. I'm going to pick up as much of the load as I can with the floor and the AH takes the rest. I used Unico AHs #1218 with chilled water and they can be dialed way down for dehumidification purposes. If you reduce the airflow to the system and cut in enough outlets they are virtually silent. I agree however, having a good program instead of winging it would probably result in even better efficiency. I looked into VS pumps for the floors but none are available that will act in "reverse" for cooling. I'm going to start out with the AH controlled by humidity but may add it as second stage if necessary. Pretty soon!! ;-)
  • Boston_2
    Boston_2 Member Posts: 107

    Here in NE we have hot humid summers. Wouldn't pumping cold water through the radiant system most certainly cause condensation to build?
  • eluv8
    eluv8 Member Posts: 174
    Air source Chillers

    Multiaqua has an air source chiller capable of chilling water down to about 42 degrees, optional digital scroll compressor to freeze water for ice storage. runs off a Ranco setpoint control within the chiller itself. Simple system to operate and install off a buffer tank. Temper the water going to the floor/ceiling panels, use the chilled water to a fan coil for good dehumidification and supplemental/second stage cooling if necessary. Use a smart thermostat that monitors and controls humidity and you are pretty safe in most parts of the US, I am looking forward to putting it on my house for that personal experience but I hear its great.
  • Right,

    you must dehumidify to a dewpoint at least a few degrees below emitter temp or things will sweat.
  • scrook_2
    scrook_2 Member Posts: 610

    could be slick in the Southwest or other dry hot climates though, if not humid Northeast to Southeast US.
  • Boston

    I'm in Lowell, it works great here. I remove humidity the same way standard air conditioning does, with a fan coil unit. I first pump well water through a finned copper coil with a fan behind it and a drip pan underneath. It moves and cools the air, and removes humiidity. Since well water is not as cold as refrigerant, the fan coil simply has to be bigger to have the same effect. The radiant panels provide deep down radiant comfort, it is the comfort equalivent of radiant heating. Justin, you should try it in your own house first to see how good it works. It's good to see MPF try it, everyone tells us it won't work, but it works great. Who is next??

    Thanks, Bob Gagnon
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