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quietside dpw 120 boiler

FrankFrank Member Posts: 40
I'm considering either the Quietside Dual Purpose heater or a Rinnai for installation in my small townhome. The Rinnai is actually the lower quote.

Is it really necessary to have seperate loops for heating/consumption?


  • john gjohn g Member Posts: 5
    quietside dpw 120 boiler

    I am considering installing the Quietside DPW 120 boiler. It is a combination modulating condensing wall hung boiler 90% AFUE that makes domestic hotwater as well. Does anyone know the quality of this product? Thanks, John
  • brucebruce Member Posts: 222

    I just finished installing one that the HO supplied. Make sure you get the new model DSR100 controller, the one that came with this unit would not allow the unit to restart by itself if the power went off for any reason (the tech rep at the importer told me the factory engineers were worried about earthquakes and loose gas lines, so they made it so that it required manual restart---not such a great feature if you have a snow storm power outage---anyway they are supposed to be sending me the new model control which will restart the unit when the power comes back.

    Other than that glitch it seemed like an OK, simple unit. It went in easily enough. To convert to propane you replace the whole burner orifice manifold with all 12 orifices.

    It does not have as many bells and adjustable parameters as the Baxi where you can lock the domestic hot water adjustment range for example. Just a simple unit. The manual is poor. I think it was written in Korean by a salesman and machine translated into English, lots of odd expressions, but one can get through it.
  • john gjohn g Member Posts: 5

    thanks for the good info.
  • DarrellDarrell Member Posts: 77

    Rumor has it that Quietside is leaving the North American market...might be worth a call to them to get a confirmation or squash the rumor.
  • LunenburgLunenburg Member Posts: 1
    Quietside DPW-099-120 Dual Purpose Unit

    2006 Bought a small 900 w/QXM8 propane dual furnace installed in 2003. It started leaking and the company is sending me a DPW-099 propane unit.
    Labor not included ($1,5000 $1,700)
    Questions: Am I investing good money into a unit that will just fail again in a short period of time? No one within 100 miles is familar with this unit, experienced support not available...just my furnace guy taking his best educated guess.
    No one out there have one? Would you recommend one?
    Thanks for your time,
  • TedTed Member Posts: 272
    Not a good idea!

    I have not heard any good things about them! Some say they are OK, but you get what you pay for I guess?

  • DarrellDarrell Member Posts: 77

    I guess the questions are two:

    Do you believe that the same company that marketed a 5 year old leaker, (not an isolated incident), is now marketing a vastly much better one?

    Do you want to have the only, orphan boiler for a hundred miles with no support?
  • Home Depot EmployeeHome Depot Employee Member Posts: 329

    Rumors are always fun, yet sometimes damaging. While I have no connection with Quietside, I doubt the rumor is true.

    Being that Quietside is the US operations of Dae Sung Boiler, with boilers made by KITURAMI the only room for growth of the Korean Company is North America, besides some small European markets.

    With the impending rapid growth of the tankless market, along with the rejuvenation of the combi-boiler market, I would guess they will stick it out. Being that they are one of the 1/2 dozen that has a combi boiler with separated circuits, unlike Rinnai & Noritz that are trying to pass off their water heaters as a full heating solution, internal cross-connection included, the true & safe combi's will find their place.
  • Steamhead (in transit)Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688

    if you combine heating system water with domestic water, you create a perfect environment for Legionella to flourish.

    Don't do it!

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  • nathannathan Member Posts: 8
    preach it

    Amen to that. we see fan coil units in our area ran off a water heater. Got to love that stagnant water sitting in the fan coil during the summer.

    Don't risk it the price is to high.
  • kpckpc Member Posts: 14
    look at a...

    Embassy ONEX. Very neat boiler. Has sep. heat and hot water and the heat side allows you to customize the boiler output to match your heatload perfectly...
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