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TriangleTube Error 14

tim smith
tim smith Member Posts: 2,403
in control board w/ that error code. Have your installer get ahold of tech support at triangle and verify and you should be able to get a warranty mcba control board. Regarding not heating house quite. Installer needs to set up your reset temps accurately, sometimes it takes a time or 2 but make sure he has went into installer setup. This takes some knowledge and the proper control supplement which you have to be authorized to have the control supplement booklet. It can be set to do job, good in, good out. Garbage in garbage out. Good luck.


  • G Bell
    G Bell Member Posts: 7
    TriangleTube Error 14

    Last August we had a TriangleTube Prestige with a indirect DHW tank installed to replace the original oil boiler and electric DHW tank in our 1950's house. We have been experiencing intermittent E 14 error codes on the boiler. When we get this error, the boiler basically stops functioning until I press the reset button, and then the boiler fires up. We have had probably a dozen of these occurrences since the boiler was installed. The gas fitter had a thought that it had to do with the outdoor reset. He tried disabling the outdoor reset and while it was disabled we did not get the error on the boiler. He has since re-enabled the outdoor reset and a also relocated the wiring to the outdoor reset in the thought that other wiring was interfering with the signal, however since we are still getting these E 14 errors. They don't happen very often, maybe once a month. Our gas fitter is at a loss as to what could be causing this. Any ideas?

    Also, to note, the older oil boiler seemed to produce a lot more heat and at a faster rate than the TriangleTube. Our last winter, we had to supplement heating with an electric heater in our bedroom as it just would never get warm enough. Maybe our TriangleTube is defective?

    I have included some photo's of the boiler setup
  • JC_10
    JC_10 Member Posts: 3

    We struggled with an E14 error on a Triangle Tube installed in October of 2008. After many calls to tech support (Never had this problem before) we isolated the problem to the indirect tank (Smart Tank) aguastat sending an erroneous signal to the MCBA board. The manual calls for replacement of the MCBA (with an E14 error) but this did not solve the problem. Call Triangle Tube tech support as they have issued a TT Engineering Bulletin (#022309) in regard to this issue. We solved the problem by installing a relay between the call for heat and the call for domestic hot water, or you can install Triangle Tube’s PSRKIT22 IDWH sensor kit. This is all detailed in the Engineering Bulletin.
  • I think you`re right,

    this is very rare, my problem was voltage related and I forgot about-it.
    Here`s the link to the bulletin.

  • G Bell
    G Bell Member Posts: 7
    TriangleTube Error 1

    I really appreciate your posts. I have spoken to our gas fitter and he is going to replace our Honeywell L4000 aquastat with the PSRKIT22 part. I am also going to look at getting the boiler on a dedicated circuit. I know the circuit that the boiler is currently on is shared with a number of other outlets. Sometimes when we have both the clothes iron on and something else that draws high power, the same fuse that the boiler is on gets tripped. Could be a combination of things

    Again, thanks for your help!
  • joel_19
    joel_19 Member Posts: 931

    what state are you in here it would never pass code sharing power with outlets regardless of the boiler brand. That should be on a dedicated circut.
  • G Bell
    G Bell Member Posts: 7

    I've contacted an electrician to arrange to get the boiler on a dedicated circuit. This should have been done initally. I am unsure why the gas fitter did not request to have this done prior to the install
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