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boiler mater question

matt wit
matt wit Member Posts: 2
I have a relitive that has a boilermate that doesnt give hot water when the thermostat is turned down. but if she turns the thermostat up she will get hot water. She had the boiler replaced in the last couple months. Is this a problem with the new install or is there some thing else going on here?


  • someone screwed up on the

    Someone screwed up on the its been going on for couple months and didn't call the installer back,yet? Something fishy here...
  • matt wit
    matt wit Member Posts: 2

    The install was done a couple months ago. but she just started to turn the heat off, and noticed the problem with the hot water. Thanks for the reply
  • Sounds like,

    a wiring problem. The aquastat in the B/M should control the boiler independent of the room thermostat setting.

  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    Sounds like she now has a cold start control on the new boiler, where tha old boiler maintained temp. They need to come back and w make it right. I'm quite sure it may need to have a zone valve now. The new aquastats don't offer Z-R
    so might be an issue, but someone who knows can make it happen. peace
  • billtwocase

    Quite an observation,,alot is happening here that you have NO idea about!
    We`re not all that stupid ya`know!

  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    Did I offend anyone? If so, sorry. Was put in layman's terms for homeowner. Clearly a wiring issue, but not all controls are compatable nowadys as you know. The new digital H/W controls are sweet, but they screwed us on some terminals. peace
  • OK Bill,

    but is that not what I said?
    Don`t think scaring people with buggered controls is the way to go IMO.

    I apologize if I sound crappy,, just an off night I guess.

  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    no prob Dave

    We all have them off days and nites. I usually read the subject post, then offer what little I know to the poster. I now see that you also say wiring. It would help if we knew more. Is it the Z control, Smart control, has it's own circ, and so on, didn't install it, but I could make it work, as i'm thinking so could you. They wouldn't come here with questions and not want an array of input. JMO. peace
  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177

  • Darrell_4
    Darrell_4 Member Posts: 77

    Or they could simply have a honeywell v8043 zonevalve that will not open fully to close the end switch. It would work just fine during the heating season and not at all in the off season. The honeywell valve is famous for this trick. Check the easy thing first.
  • Supply House Rick
    Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404
    Dave Stop being a ****-wad

    Dave you are rude and boorish. Go back to your Meds and lay down you scare people who have families. ****-head!
  • tommyoil
    tommyoil Member Posts: 613
    I hate to agree here.....

    But youre right. What your problem Dave? Bills a decent guy and posted what he thought would help. Keep your know it all attitude and snotty comments to yourself. Its whats ruining this place.
  • nugs
    nugs Member Posts: 77

    Wow, amazing amount of controversy over a subject that we really don't have enough information about.

    We need to know what controls and circulators and or zone valves are installed as well as the model boiler mate in order to sort it out.

    Probably a wiring issue but it could also be the lack of the right control issue also.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    thanks Tommy Oil

    I have thick skin. Been in the oil game twice as long as he has, been around it all my life. Followed my dad's foot steps, and been there done that. I've seen the problem described so many times, and made it right. Some one comes in with blinders, changes out the boiler, existing indirect, figures it worked before, it should now. peace
  • tommyoil
    tommyoil Member Posts: 613
    We've all been in it....

    Twice as long as Dave, but Dave knows twice as much as us.
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