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buderus g124x-32

Joe H
Joe H Member Posts: 15
I have a buderus g124x-32 and have a 2 full bath house. Where the bathtub will actually get used as a bathtub. I would like some input if you think a buserus s120 tank would work good enough with that. Or another option would be a superstor ssu45 gallon tank. Whats are your thoughts on this.


  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656
    Fixture load

    It depends upon your fixture load. If you have 2 reg 5' bathtubs, an 80g tank will be more than enough, unless you have 6 teenage daughters. If you have a 2 person soaking tub and 6 teenage daughters, the 120g will be needed. The 120g tanks are usually used when there are 5 or more baths and very heavy demand beyond 15gpm. Try not to oversize the tank. The output of the tanks can easily be sized to demand load.

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  • Darin Cook_9
    Darin Cook_9 Member Posts: 45

    An old rule of thumb is to have as much HW in storage as the tubs would hold. That being said, How often in reality would both tubs be filled at the same time?

    A real good "trick" and good plumbing practice is to install a thermostatic mixing valve (I like the Taco #5000) with an inline thermometer (Pasco #1450). You can run the tank at 140' to kill any possible Legionalla bacteria but only let say 115' or 120' out of the tank to your plb fixtures. This gives you alot longer on the draw time and way before your indirect heater gets to that 120' mark your boiler is up and running dumping btu's into the tank. The Buderus G124/32 has an output of about 110,000 btu's not a bad domestic hot water generator. I would couple that to a Buderus ST-200 indirect tank. I would highly recommend using the Buderus Logamatic control with your system as well for maximum control and energy savings.

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