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carlin ez-1

Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
I recently had a Carlin Ignitor that acted strange. After I removed it I powered it up on the bench. I got a good spark at first then it thined out and actally changed colors. Finaly the arc just dropped out. This was causing a ver intermittent problem. By time the oil valve would open, the spark would sometimes have dropped out already. I really like the Carlin Ignitors but this is an act I have not seen on an iron core transformer.


  • heating newbie
    heating newbie Member Posts: 3
    carlin ez-1

    i was wondering if anyone could help me with a burner question?
    i was at a house today, and i tried to get the burner fired, at first it would start up but with in seconds of starting, it would shut down and smoke up tryed to increase did not help.
    i am getting oil to it, but it will not stay lit. i found the cad cell seperated from the housing fixed it and still nothing. the filter was good using a garber filter 2 pipe system. going back tomorrow. new to trade and boss is no help. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    Carlin ez-1

    newbie, is this on OEM? Find the specs on heating unit and set up as recommended to start off with. This will get you started off with air, nozzle, and head/gun adjustments. Test equipment to fine tune from there. What is the Carlin on? If you can't find the lit, myself, or some of the oil pros here can give you some direction. Each OEM recommends anywhere from 100 to 150 PSI on the fuel pump pressure. Depending on age of the EZ-1, you need the right plate for the nozzle size. Also excessive air adjustment can be a problem. Is the unit clean, draft negative? Need more to go on. peace
  • John@Reliable_18
    John@Reliable_18 Member Posts: 4

    What Bill said, but it sounds like a dirty fuel system ie: nozzle or maybe a bad oil valve from here in my kitchen.
  • heating newbie
    heating newbie Member Posts: 3

    thanks bill and john, i called the customer and they informed me that the burner was put on three years ago, they had someone put a new honeywell control on it around a month ago . they also said they have been experiencing it going on and off for around two weeks now. they are leaving tomorrow on vacation, i am going back in the morning, i am going to put back the carlin control and do a cleanout, also my thinking is that it is a oil value issue too. thanks again anymore suggestions are welcome.
  • Paul Fredricks_9
    Paul Fredricks_9 Member Posts: 315

    If it's lighting and then going off it's not the ignitor. Sounds like it's blowing itself out. Could be excess draft or too much air. Make sure the nozzle is clean. You may need to contact Carlin for the set up specs for the unit it is in.
  • EZ-1

    you can call me at carlin for the OEM set up if you need the settings.
    mike tec service
    carlin combustion 1-800-989-2275
  • heating newbie
    heating newbie Member Posts: 3

    Thanks to all for the advice, thats way i like this site, good advice and people that care enough to help. mike i will be calling you for the specs set up.
    john at reliable i was wondering if we could talk sometime, i think your in my area (so shore mass) i will let you know what itś about. my e-mail is [email protected].
    to all thanks once again. Bob
  • Maine Ken_6
    Maine Ken_6 Member Posts: 3


    Please do not take this the wrong way. You should have someone more experienced with you when you are working on burners. It is obvious that you are willing to learn. It is also obvious that you are over your knowledge base in this instance. For the sake of your safety as well as your customers, bring an experienced Tech with you.

    Good luck.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    hellp needed

    It sounds like his boss has thrown him to the wolves Ken. He said he was no help to him? Not a good thing. Newbie, good luck, and keep us posted. peace
  • jim dowling_2
    jim dowling_2 Member Posts: 15

    Right On.. most oil managers are now pencil pushers, or webbies. They don't now squat. They leave all the tech. work to us techs. There only worried about the bottom line.
    LIBOB Member Posts: 23

    Ya gotta start somewhere. Be careful! You can really do some damage if your not careful. Take your time. Find a shop thats going to teach you right and dont forget to clean the CHIMNEY BASE. Theirs alot to it but try this. When your ready to start it up close dont the air gate almost all the way. Check the fire (If it stays running) the fire will be dirty. Now start opening the air gate till you just go from a smokey fire to nice sharp tip on the flame. Hope that helps. Then you really should use a test kit to set it up. Good luck

  • Mike E_2
    Mike E_2 Member Posts: 81
    Possibly Pump Coupling

    I have an EZ-1 on my boiler. Just this week, I had a similar problem. The burner kept starting up fine, but the flame kept slightly popping while running. Once the ignition shut off, when the flame popped, it would go out. Everything seemed in order. I even swapped out the oil pump with a different one - same thing. Then I noticed that the pump coupling was a little sloppy on the motor shaft. I took the coupling off, and the plastic was almost completely rounded off on the motor side, so it was occasionally slipping and momentarily dropping oil pressure. The burner has only been on for 3 seasons, so this is somewhat disappointing.

    I got a new coupling, and now everything is perfect.

  • World Plumber
    World Plumber Member Posts: 389

    Make sure there is not a loose piece of refractory blowing in front of the nozzle that will give you a light off then fizzle quickly. Stumped me the first time. If you call Carlin's tech support they will walk you through the set up on the phone. If your a newbe I suggest you call the manufacturies and ask for their training manuals and set up information.
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