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academic question

so the water lines will be the same.

Size your headers generously and pipe them similarly, to reduce pressure drop and equalize it as much as possible. Run your boiler headers into a common header, then feed the common mains. See the diagram on page 67 of "The Lost Art of Steam heating".

If your boilers need more than one riser to the header, a drop header makes the job easier. Maintain your 24-inch riser height from the highest possible waterline as usual.

If you're going to stage-fire these boilers, put a Vaporstat on the common header and wire it to stop the smaller boiler when the pressure reaches a few ounces.

Dirty boiler water will cause a lot of back-and-forth flow between the boilers. Leave a lot of nipples and caps for flushing and skimming.

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  • Glen
    Glen Member Posts: 855
    steam boilers

    the questions is this: installing two steamers (<2 psi) side by side to a common main, they are physically dissimilar and of unequal firing rate. Are there any installation requirements (code, otj experiences etc) that dictate? Maintain the 24 inches from nowl to header etc? Use drop headers? thanks
  • Glen
    Glen Member Posts: 855

    that is exactly what I needed.
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