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Gas Flow Meters

you came up with as I was talking to a meter repair guy and he had a suggestion. What did you come up with? I did not have anything for high end gas flow other than the test equipment they used as a flow meter in the meter repair shop at the gas company (very expensive) made by Rockwell I believe.


  • The Boiler Dr.
    The Boiler Dr. Member Posts: 163
    Calling Timmie Mc ..Gas Flow Meters

    Does anyone know of a gas flow meter other than a standard bellows or rotary gas meter that could be installed on a piece of equipment to determine consumption?
  • The Boiler Dr.
    The Boiler Dr. Member Posts: 163
    Thank You but.....

    I need something capable of handling up to 3 million Btuh
  • scrook_2
    scrook_2 Member Posts: 610
    why not a rotary meter?

    3 MBTU/hr is about 3,000 SCFH natural gas, so look at:



  • The Boiler Dr.
    The Boiler Dr. Member Posts: 163
    Thanks for all the help

    Meter solution found and on order.
  • jimscout
    jimscout Member Posts: 11
    Gas flow

    I'm interested to hear also. especially if you can get one that travels. The old Honeywell orifice trick is a bit of a hassle
  • The Boiler Dr.
    The Boiler Dr. Member Posts: 163
    I found

    A turbine meter by American Meters out of Horsham PA. Only requires 10 to 15 pipe diameter on inlet and 5 to 10 on outlet. About 10" long. Designed for pounds gas.
    Available with remote read off pulse signal or optional hand held reader. Weighs under 10 pounds.
    Not sure about fragility as a portable device.
    Bit of a pain to access from Canada. Dollar conversion bites!
  • The device

    I am talking about is a Bubble Flow Meter used by gas utilities to test meters in their meter repair facilities. They are big bucks. I was not sure what you wanted to do with this unit. The unit would not be portable by the way.

    Be aware that Turbine Meters with large flow through them often need a corrector added to the meter.

    Just what are you trying to do? Many times the engineering staff at your local gas company can assist you with a means of accomplishing what ever measurement your attempting.
  • jimscout
    jimscout Member Posts: 11
    Just what are you trying to do?

    I have some jobs that have a central gas plant which houses the gas companies equipment. From there it pipes high pressure gas all over tarnation without any other meter;just stepdown regulators.
    You cannot turn off all the other pieces of equipment to clock the new boiler without a major problem;so you are stuck with; factory calcs, O2, stack temp and the firebox/stack pressures.
    I think there is a market for a piece of test equipment(pricey) that had some type of small turbine or ??;
    a guy could then slip into the gas flow,input the different jobsite variables and print a ticket.
    Is this to much to ask for?
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