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Increase Whole-House Humidity

Billy_13Billy_13 Posts: 15Member
I tried to run a search on this topic, but couldnt come up with anything.

The house is a 2800 sq ft 1908 2.5 story Victorian home with no wall insulation. Heating system is a converted 2-pipe NG hot water boiler using large cast-iron radiators. In the winter, Rh readings are consistently 10-15% around the house. Lots of static electricity.

Is there anyway to increase humidity for the entire house, or do we need to go with portable humidifiers in multiple areas and rooms?


  • Larry C_13Larry C_13 Posts: 94Member
    Sprinkler hoses :)

    With no insulation in the walls, your best bet would be running some of that sprinkler hose through out the house. :)

    Whatever humidity you put in the air, will flee thru the walls. What you need is some way to slow the water vapor migrating thru the walls or make up the loss of water vapor.

    Short term solutions include lots of well watered plants, room humidifiers, lots of humid showers, lots of boiling pots of water on the stove, trays of water on top of the radiators, etc.

    The long term solutions include proper insulation including vapor barriers, fixing the air leaks around the windows, doors, and any other penetrations.

    Larry C
  • Billy_13Billy_13 Posts: 15Member


    I totally agree with your assessment, except for the sprinkler system. haha.

    I planned on having an insulation contractor retrofit the home by injecting closed-cell foam insulation between the wall to seal the building envelope.

    The windows in this house are 72" x 48" single pane windows with storm windows on the outside frame of the house. There are two of these mammoth sized windows in each room of the house (20 total). Theyre a nice weekend project to clean and seal up.

    For right now, its been a couple portable humidifiers for the bedrooms and a larger one for the more open rooms.

    It kinda makes sense why my grandparents would boil water and cook all day long. You got great Italian food and it kept the home comfortable.
  • mark ransleymark ransley Posts: 155Member

    I had foam blown in years ago and was on the job to be sure it was done right. 15 yrs later I opened up a bunch of walls and found out none were filled full. In your contract put in he guarntees filing that will be verified by a Thermal Photo you will have done and he will accept the results. I use plants and my radiators have water trays under metal covers to increase humidity. Its only 14 gal a week but it helps. April Air makes a who house humidifier but it cools the room its used in alot.
  • tim smithtim smith Posts: 2,282Member
    maybe a portable steam vapor humidifier.

  • Billy_13Billy_13 Posts: 15Member

    Thanks Mark.

    I didnt think about getting the thermal photo to verify. Thats an awesome idea. I think getting this house insulated with closed-cell foam is going to be a pricey renovation, so it needs to be done right the first and only time. They state their closed-cell foam insulation reduces heating costs by 50% on average. Thats huge for any heating budget.

    As for now, we're going with portable humidifiers in bedrooms and a larger one for the living room/family room.
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