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above floor tube and plate system

The holes would serve no purpose as, there is no air movement being covered with flooring. Go with the Luan as it will not delaminate caused by spills or excessive carpet cleaning.


  • MikeMike Member Posts: 13
    radiant cover sheet

    I'am doing a above floor tube and plate system and plan on covering it with temper hardboard (peg board) has any one done that with success or see a problem with it? I would appreciate some advice.
  • johnnydjohnnyd Member Posts: 51
    peg board

    I've not doen it myself but have heard that it works well. Is this for under carpet? Advantages are that it is relatively inexpensive, you see the tubes through the holes, and you probably get better heat transfer to the pad/carpet and finally into the room.

    I went with 1/4" Luan.
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