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R8124A Aquastat Wiring

We recently ran a service call for a customer who was a victim of a flood. The customer's oil boiler was underwater for the 2nd year in a row. This was our first time servicing the customer. Our technician replaced all of the electronic components for the boiler including the electronic ignition module, the ignition transformer, and the triple aquastat. The aquastat was an R8124A model that was supplied by the customer. When the technician left, the boiler was running and the tech noted on his paperwork that we cannot warranty the operation of the main combustion chamber, the gun, or the circulators.

2 weeks later the customer calls us saying that our technician wired the aquastat wrong causing it to to burn up. They said they had to have another company come and replace it, and now they want us to reimburse them for this bill. My technician insists he wired the aquatat correctly. My question is, if the aquastat was wired incorrectly, would the system run for almost 2 weeks before it burned out, or would it have burned out immediately?

I informed the customer that we cannot warranty parts supplied by the customer as we have no idea as to the functionality of them. I normally give the customer the benefit of the doubt, but I have reason to believe they are not being above board with me. I am trying to be as fair and objective as I can however.

Thanks in advance for your replies. I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge but I have gotten 4 or 5 different answers on this topic.


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Lesson # 1...........;-)

    -When customer supplies the parts, you are right there is no warranty!!!(PERIOD). DON'T ever do that again. It's not worth your time. I think you know that now ;-)

    #2, when flooded, residual water could have caused some problem inside the existing cable, etc... Generally if wired incorrectly you would expect an immediate failure, but it all depends on the the problem... Now it's a he said she said. The suit will be against you (vs) the home owner and his second company that made the statement of being miswired.

    Good for you: Stated on paper is the Techs own declaration to the affect that the system will not and cannot be warranted by your CO. For all you know the part supplied may have caused the failure. Now you have to deal with the second company again......See what's happening? They will have to prove that your guy miswired it, not the other way around.

    Don't worry about it to much, but learn a valuable lesson here. NEVER use used parts or even new parts that you haven't purchased yourself. You never know where they have been, or whom did what to them before you installed them.

    Mike T.
  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557
    I'm trying

    To figure out how miswiring could have caused a failure. Just brainstorming; L1-L2 wired to TT is only thing I can come up with. Anything else should pop the breaker.
  • Simple answer any equipment under-water

    must be replaced in total. That eliminates any problems later on. It is actually a violation to do otherwise.
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    Hi Tim. Glad to see you again!
  • Hi Carol, I have

    been very busy and have had very little time to post. Hope you are well.
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