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Falling water sounds

Rich L.Rich L. Posts: 414Member
If you have noise in there Jim you still have air in your system. Are you piped correctly? Using a good air seperation device? Expansion tank not waterlogged? If all these are ok, try raising your system pressure and bleed, bleed bleed. Good luck!


  • Jim Robinson_2Jim Robinson_2 Posts: 6Member
    Falling or tumbling water sounds

    I have a system that we did a boiler upgrade. Took out a Peerless JOT with 3 007 baseboard zones. We we configured one zone 16' of BB and a Buderus panel rad and added a 4th zone 25' of BB. We are using a Baxi HT1.33 as our boiler injecting into a main with the 4 zones on 3/4 taco zone valve and a Grundfos 15-58 and Spirovent air eliminator. All the zones heat well but we get a noisey system tumbling or falling water sounds that will not go away. I have tried different pump speeds and different pumps with no luck. Any one ever have this issue and how do you get rid of it?
  • Jim_64Jim_64 Posts: 253Member
    right-o rich

    falling waters need space to fall, and air is space.
    'force' the fill, and bleed-bleed-bleed
  • Jim Robinson_2Jim Robinson_2 Posts: 6Member

    Done that over and over and over have 2 air seperators.
  • Mark CustisMark Custis Posts: 539Member
    Air is Air

    and piping is piping. You may need to add some high point venting if you can not force the air out. It can take months to scrub the air out of the system.
  • hot_rodhot_rod Posts: 11,665Member
    large diameter pipes

    and low flow speed (gpm) can be tough to keep quiet.

    The fluid tends to move too slow to carry the air along with it. Increasing the fill pressure a few pounds can sometimes help ridding the air.

    A good power purge with a 1/2 hp transfer pump will generally flush out problematic systems, a fill valve even in fast fill mode may not be enough gpm to get a good flush. Do 1 loop or zone at a time when you purge to get the most amount of flow to move the air along.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • Jim Robinson_2Jim Robinson_2 Posts: 6Member
    Falling water

    I have tried everything and still we have the sound in the 2 longest circuits. Which are 250-300' of 3/4" Fostapex and only 24' of BB on them. I have tried the Brute 15-58 on all speeds. If you calculate the basic rule of thumb 300'+ 50%= 450' x .04= 18' of head at at 1.5 gpm is all we need per zone and 4 zones. The 15/58 Max's out at 18' @ 2 gpm so I put on the Taco 009 25' @ 3.5 gpm still the same so now I am going to try the 0011 25' @ 8 gpm. I have a PD bypass diverter so flow should not bother me.
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