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Kerosense Heaters Make You Sleepy

Darrell_7 Member Posts: 35
Yes...do you have a carbon monoxide detector that works?

Being warm may make you lazy...CO will make you sleepy as a precursor to making you dead.

I don't care how safe the box says the unit is...


  • gman_5
    gman_5 Member Posts: 14
    Kerosene Heaters Make You Sleepy

    On very cold days ( 10-15) my thermostat had difficulty getting up to temp.

    I went out and purchased a 23,000 btu kerosene heater from Ace Hardware. The room does get very warm from this heater but you get very sleepy. Any thoughts?
  • Kool Rod
    Kool Rod Member Posts: 175

    Those heaters WILL KILL YOU!

    Don't use kerosene heaters in confined places. Any heater`using organic fuel must be vented to the outside. They use up oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and soot. The oxygen in your house is being used up and being unvented, the rest of the byproducts are released into your living area and you are breathing them.

    The drowsiness is a sign that you are in serious trouble either from lack of oxygen or more dangerously from Carbon Monoxide. If you use them especially when sleeping, you and your family may not wake up. Please for God's sake,


    or we will be hearing about a tragedy in the local paper.

    Do a search on the internet using the words: "kerosene heaters and Carbon monoxide " and you'll find lots of warning information.
  • gman_5
    gman_5 Member Posts: 14

    Thanks guys I put the heater in the garage today. I'll run it out of fuel outside and keep for extreme emergencies.

    When I was a kid my father ran one all the time but I guess with the newer windows and tighter homes the heaters slowly start to make you feel like ****.

    I always shut if off when sleeping but ran it while awake and home the whole day. It heated up the room nice and felt good but like you guys stated they are no good to use on a consistant basis.

    I at first thought it was old age catching up to me as I felt tired and my joints bothered me but then the wife told me she's been feeling a little out of it also, so it's got to be the heater.

    I guess the kerosene heaters must also be bad for your arthritis , it must dry out the air to much.
  • Brad White_191
    Brad White_191 Member Posts: 252

    those kerosene heaters, in addition to depleting oxygen and giving off carbon monoxide, also contribute a good bit of moisture to the air, not drying it really.

    As stated, DO NOT use them in confined spaces. Construction sites with Visqueen tarps maybe.

    Here in MA they are outlawed from use in residences for very good reason.
  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,040

    Just curious so others can learn...

    Did you read the box / instructions / warnings, or just fire it up?

    Did the guy in Ace recommend this product for indoor use? Did you tell him you intended to use it indoors?

    These tragedies happen every year, and more people should know better than to listen to the sales guy, and read the instructions / warnings...

    Just a guy running some pipes.
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