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Cleaning Dirty Boiler

Yes,, it`s sold under the Masters name by G.F.Thompson Co. Ltd.<BR>http://www.gfthompson.com/<BR><BR>Dave


  • warren_4
    warren_4 Member Posts: 11
    Cleaning Dirty Steam Boiler

    I have gotten conflicting ways of cleaning out my steam boiler. It is a 10yr old Utica boiler and has two ball valves in the bottom section of the boiler. There is also a ball valve at the bottom of the return. The water in the boiler is got a lot of sediment and crude in it, but when I take some water out of it while it's not running, none of the sediment comes out.

    How do I flush out the sediment and crude in bottom of the boiler? Thanks
  • Cleaning a steam boiler

    Campbell, Rhomar has a steam boiler cleaner called Hydro-Solv 9150. It will help loosen sludge and disperse small sediment into the water so the larger pieces can be flushed out. It also has a steam line chemical to help clean the steam and condensate lines. You may need to do the cleaning more then once. If possible, a high pressure water hose into the bottom drain can also help loosen up sludge and sediment so it can be drained out unless the pieces are too big for the drain hole. I have seen some cast iron steam boilers that had chunks of corroded iron as big as your foot in the bottom and these were only 3-5 years old. Water with high chlorides is very corrosive to cast iron and steel. Rhomar also has a steam boiler treatment for residential boilers called Boiler Pro 903. This can help protect the metals from corrosion. You can locate distributors at www.rhomarwater.com or call 1-800-543-5975.

  • The Boiler Dr.
    The Boiler Dr. Member Posts: 163
    Is Rhomar available in Canada?

  • Here's Rhomar's email if the 800 number doesn't work from Canada. ( [email protected] ) They have reps. in every U.S. state so I imagine they're in Canada also. Good products!

    Campbell- "How do I flush out the sediment and crude in bottom of the boiler?" Answer - Anyway you can!

    I removed my pressure relief valve and used a garden hose with a nozzle I made up of a some hose fittings and a length of 3/8 copper tubing. Just turned it on and moved it about while draining the gunk out of the bottom drain. If you have a shop vac that will vacuum water, you can use that to clean your wet return lines (Helps using it on the boiler drain too!) I squirt some water up them first to stir things up a bit and then immediately vacuum it out. Be careful not to put too much water in the wet return as you don't want it going up in the mains /radiators!

    I keep meaning to put a ball valve and a "Y" fitting in my dry return so I can flush the wet return more easily as most of the crud seems to settle there.
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